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Patrick Reed is not in the mood for a jolt after the tantrum at the US Open Sport

Nybody, who seeks a heartfelt regret from Patrick Reed after the US Open's tantrum that caused him to become a social media phenomenon, will be deeply disappointed. An unrepentant reed, thinking about Friday's episode when he flicked the wedge over his knee for a french fry, is trying to figure out what all the fuss is about.

I did not do anything on the golf course, I did not say any obscenities or anything like that, "said the champion from 201

8." It was a split second, I kept going and doing my business, hit my next golf stroke. "

Within minutes of Reed dismantling the club next to the 18th Green at Pebble Beach, the footage had become viral. There is a presumption that Reed will have to pay a fine for his seizure, even though the tournament organizers never publish the details of such penalties. Reed took advantage of the consequences of his third round on Saturday to point out the indiscretions of his colleagues. Sergio García severely damaged the putting surface in February in Saudi Arabia in an episode that has plagued other players in the field.

Clubs, "Reed added. Rory [McIlroy] threw his bat into the 9th hole in Doral [in 2015] into the water. Lucas Bjerregaard sent his driver into the water here. It happens. It probably should not happen, but as long as you respect the course and do nothing to damage it or the guys you play with. I'd rather let it out than keep it.

It's not a big deal for me. It was weird to see it afterwards. It was not weird to hit one bad wedge after the other, especially when I'm proud of my wedge play. Missing the green from 20 yards and then advancing the ball three inches from the green is usually not what my short game is. That's what a rough and open US Open means to you. "

Reed is in a position to be a role model for teens, but he is not at all inclined to damage equipment, and five years ago he criticized China after seeing himself missing at the time of a missed putt branded as "damn fagot", for which he was immediately repentant, Reed admitted at the time that he had "temper problems" before adding, "It should never have happened." This game of golf is a gentleman's game . "

Manually, Reed wears three versions of the wedge in question for each tournament, which means he has another in his pocket for a third round of 72. He names the clubs that have 61 loft grades," 61 and Finished. "Reed explained," Usually it gets me out of jail, it kept me in jail in that case. "

" Players, even at this level and no matter if you play good or bad whenever you do Finding or Finding a Bad Golf Shot A really bad job, you are always upset. You will not be happy and smile when you hit a bad golf course, especially when you hit four in a row after a solid ride.

The double bogey that smashed Reed at the hole in question meant that he survived half cut by just one shot. The round on Saturday brought him to a plus of three, which means that he remains with 18 holes outside the top 50 of the US Open. In his last four big starts off Pebble Beach, Reed had the best result with the 28th and two failures. The frustration of the general state of his game is not difficult to understand.

"I knew [what the cut was] but I was not worried about the cut line," he said. "I'm not here to just do cuts, I'm trying to win golf tournaments here." I did not care if the cut was one, two, seven. I was more annoyed that I made a double bogey the last time than just making a cut.

Reed smiled as he was asked when he last slammed a bat. "It happened three times last year; I got off commercial flights and there was a broken club in my pocket, "said the 28-year-old. "I have no idea when I last did it."

That he did it here will be one of the lasting memories of the tournament.

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