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Patriots are said to have traded the triple pro bowler Michael Bennett for the Cowboys

The New England Patriots exchanged the defensive end of Michael Bennett for a pick from the seventh round of 2021 against the Dallas Cowboys, who may turn into a pick from the sixth round by Adam Schefter of ESPN . The deal ends Bennett's controversial tenure in New England, highlighted by a break in Week 7 that adversely affects the team's behavior after he expresses his frustration with his role as defense adviser to his position coach.

The deal puts Bennett back in the NFC East, where he last played in 201

8 with the Philadelphia Eagles. Bennett was one of the NFL's most prolific edge-rushers in the second half of the 2018 season, finishing the season with 68 presses, 37 rushes and 22 stops in just 716 snapshots (after 70 pressures, 44 rushes and 32 stops in 931 snapshots in 2017 with the Seattle Seahawks). Fewer snapshots led to an increase in production for Bennett, who had 30 quarterback hits and nine sacks (his highest in both categories since 2015). but an increase in 2020 ($ 10.25 million). The Cowboys can save $ 8.25 million in space if they part with Bennett after the season.

New England looked at a 4: 3 base defense when the Patriots exchanged a selection for Bennett for the fifth round in March. Following his acquisition, the Patriots signed linebacker Jamie Collins and defensive tackle Danny Shelton, which brought them back to a 3-4 style, which was a hit for Bennett's overall fit into the system. He played only 130 of the defensive snaps in week 7.

Bennett has 2.5 sacks and five tackles in six games with the Patriots this season, though he has not played nearly all snaps. He has 65.5 sacks, 13 forced fumbles and 182 quarterback hits in 11 seasons and could be rejuvenated in Dallas.

The Cowboys have a good-bye week, so Bennett will make his debut in Week 9 against the New York Giants. Robert was looking for help on the defensive when the 17-bag Cowboys finished in 16th place in the NFL and only received a limited production of Demarcus Lawrence (3.5 bags). Robert Quinn (6.0 sacks) suffered a rib injury on Sunday's win over the Eagles, but is expected to return to the Giants. Bennett was to act as a rotation figure behind Quinn and Lawrence, reinforcing the onslaught on the Dallas Pass as the cowboys prepare to claim the NFC East title.

In addition to being suspended at Week 7 in New England, Bennett has been plagued by controversy over the past few seasons. His resignation in Philadelphia led to a desire to raise after a season he reportedly dissatisfied with his playing time before Derek Barnett suffered an injury at the end of the season and a refusal to change sides at the end of the defensive.

Following an incident in April 2017 in which Bennett claimed that police had used excessive force against him and the police had "threatened to blow my head off," there were also legal issues. Joe Lombardo, Sheriff of Clark County, said he found no evidence that Bennett's officers had racially profiled him or used excessive force against him, and the incident would continue to be investigated. Bennett is said to have injured a 66-year-old paraplegic who worked at the NRG Stadium to control access to the pitch at the Super Bowl LI. The charge was dropped due to insufficient evidence.

Bennett wants to revive his career in Dallas, his fourth team in the last three seasons. Given the recent history of Bennett, the pairing with the Cowboys seems unusual, but the Cowboys seem to be hoping the three-time end of the Pro Bowl defense will be productive for nine games.

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