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Patriots Mailbag: Who replaces Julian Edelman in different roles? | New England Patriots

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7; Foxborough, MA, USA; New England Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman (11) goes into the field during the training camp at Gillette Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports "," created_timestamp ":" 1501161076 "," copyright ":" Bob DeChiara "," focal_length ":" 300 "," iso ":" 500 "," shutter_speed ":" 0.0005 "," title ":" NFL: New England Patriots Training Camp "," Orientation ":" 1 "}" data-image-title = "Julian Edelman" data-image-description = "

7/27/2017 Foxborough, MA, USA, New England Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman (11) walks on the field during training camp at Gillette Stadium Mandatory Credit: Bob DeChiara / USA TODAY Sports Pictures

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7/27/2017 Foxborough, MA, USA, New England Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman (11) walks on the field during training camp at Gillette Stadium Mandatory Credit: Bob DeChiara / USA TODAY Sports Pictures

"data_media_file =" https://nesncom.files.wordpress.com/2018/06/julian-edelman1.jpg?w=300 "data-large-file =" https: //nesncom.files.wordpress .com / 2018/06 / julian-edelman1.jpg? w = 800 "/>

Photo via Bob DeChiara / USA TODAY Sports Photos

I have a stupid version of Julian Edelman's four-game suspension, and I & # 39; will share it if you promise not freak out.


If Edelman has taken performance-enhancing medications to recover from his ACL, then it's smart.

Listen to me.

Players rarely return as the same player in their first season following an ACL injury. So, if Edelman has given some help to recovery and another four weeks to reham, then taking the four-game ban and getting even better physically for 12 regular season games and the playoffs is not the worst idea ,

It may hurt the team for the first four games, but a healthy Edelman for 12 games could be better than a not healthy Edelman for 16.

I mean, I warned you that it's stupid.

Let's go into the mailbag this week.

Berrios / Matthews / McCarron – who is your main contender to do Edelman's reps in weeks 1-4?
– @JBoss_
That's a complicated question, because Edelman wears a lot of hats. In two sets of receivers, Edelman projected onto the Patriots' Z receiver. In three receiver sets, he was the top slot variant, and he could also have been the team's top punt returner this season.

To make matters worse, Danny Amendola and Brandin Cooks are gone.

Let us first address the recipient positions. The Patriots have Chris Hogan, Kenny Britt, Phillip Dorsett, Jordan Matthews, Malcolm Mitchell, Cordarrelle Patterson, Braxton Berrios, Riley McCarron, Matthew Slater, and Cody Hollister at the broad receiver.

It is safe to assume that Hogan will be an appetizer. He can play X, Z or in the slot, so the simplest answer is that he will be Edelman's replacement as quarterback Tom Brady's top goal at Wide Receiver.

Britt has the most experience with X. So if he's on the grid, Hogan could switch to Z or the slot. Dorsett is more of a Z receiver, Matthews and Mitchell can play all three roles, Patterson is more of a gadget player and Berrios and McCarron are slots. Slater is a special teammer, and Hollister is a longshot to create the roster.

I would try to update Britt and Matthews as Recipients # 2 and # 3. They have had the greatest success in the past and have looked solid in their spring practices. I'm not as high at Dorsett as other reporters. I just can not say what he offers that Britt and Matthews are not with less height.

It seems a lot to demand that Berrios or McCarron immediately appear as slot options in the Patriots' offense. This is important and it requires a lot of confidence from Brady. If they have strong training camps and preparedness then it is possible, but it is a big question.

I do not expect Mitchell to do anything until I see him on the field in Week One. He did not attend a single open spring training and missed the entire season with a knee injury.

Bear in mind that Berrios, McCarron, Hogan, cornerback Cyrus Jones and security Patrick Chung are options for return. It seems unlikely that the Patriots would go on the season with Chung or Hogan as they are the best returnees. So one of Berrios, McCarron or Jones should create the roster. Berrios is the best choice for a sixth round in 2018.

No player will replace Edelman. He is doing too much. But the patriots are by far the best equipped receiver. They were smart to add pieces out of season.

Matthews with $ 1 million looks smarter every day. He's the first player on the practice field, and he stayed on Wednesday to work with Brady.

He's also a very nice guy for whatever it's worth.

It is also worth noting that the Patriots are likely to use more two-running back and tight end sets without Edelman. Running backs Sony Michel, James White and Rex Burkhead and close end Jacob Hollister received threats.

I'll be serious … how did Etling look like this?
– @DeeepThreat
Rookie quarterback Danny Etling looks a lot better than I thought. I think it's possible he's stinking in practices that are closed to the media, but he still has to drop reporters from reporters before five reporters. Backup Brian Hoyer has three interceptions in the same span of time. Brady had none in three minicamp practices.

We'll see Etling playing when there's pressure in the preseason, but his mechanics look much better than at college and he has a strong arm.

It would probably be pointless exercise, but could you possibly set up the CBs as you see their likelihood of making the roster at that time? Curious how JC Jackson, Ryan Lewis, Cyrus and Jon Jones stack up.
– @colasante
Jeez, that's hard to say because Jason McCourty, Keion Crossen, Cyrus Jones and Jonathan Jones are all limited in practice.

I'd probably go:
Stephon Gilmore
Duke Dawson
Jonathan Jones
Jason McCourty
Eric Rowe
J.C. Jackson
Keion Crossen
Cyrus Jones
Ryan Lewis
Jomal Wiltz

I would still assume that the top 5 cornerbacks create the roster. But if I make a 53-man roster, Jackson will be there too. It's definitely noteworthy that Jackson gets more reps in the starting defense than Rowe. I'm just not ready to put him over Rowe at this point. After all, it's the 8th of June.

Things could be different by September. Crossen was very good in the one-to-one practice he was in, open to the media, and Lewis was solid for three weeks. Cyrus has a stronger shot than Lewis due to his return experience.

I'm just curious how JC Jackson is in the camp? Any updates could you share with us?
– @ patsenforced12
Really amazing, surprisingly good. He was targeted by Hoyer three times on Thursday, and he forced incompleteness on all three attempts.

Jackson is in the highest defensive unit against Gilmore and definitely does not look out of place. It's not crazy to say that he could be the next Malcolm Butler as an undrafted free agent with off-field problems that could thrive as a potential future starter.

Do you think that B-Flo Hightower will marginalize more this year and Van Noy will do more with the game?
– @denverfog
Dont't be a Hightower I'm playing the middle linebacker in the spring internship and I'll keep him there. I think the Patriots have enough depth on the sidelines with Trey Flowers, Adrian Clayborn, Derek Rivers, Deatrich Wise, Harvey Langi, Kei- nta Davis and Eric Lee to keep Hightower in his more natural position in the linebacker. Hightower is a better pass rusher when he flashes and has a different look on the third page.

Although TE position # 2 appears very dry and uninspiring very early on. I do not like the idea of ​​Dwayne Allen taking part in a 5 mil cap hit. Are you currently seeing TE in another team that could be available as a potential trading target during the camp / preseason? #MailDoug
– @ pats_chatter247
I can not imagine that a team is so close that they are willing to swap a close end better than Dwayne Allen or Hollster to the Patriots.

Hollister has been very, very good in spring so far. I would not be surprised if he becomes the # 2 Patriot this season, based on what we've seen so far this spring. Will Tye also looked solid. I see Allen as a safe option as the number 2, if Hollister or Tye can not overtake it.

It will be exciting to see Hollister in the preseason. He is a fluid athlete who can open up and rip anything out of the air.

Let's go fast.

Which player in attack and defense will make the best jump in the "second year"? My bets on Jacob Hollister and Deatrice Wise
– @jonothorpejazz
Along with defensive tackle Adam Butler, those are the only options, right? Other second-placed Cole Croston and Harvey Langi barely played last season. Derek Rivers did not play at all.

What are your 5 favorite stages (Canadian spelling) of the NFL?
– @rankjas
1. Arrowhead Stadium, Kansas City
2nd Lambeau Field, Green Bay
3rd Gillette Stadium, New England
4th US Bank Stadium, Minnesota
5th AT & T Stadium, Dallas

When patriots cope with running on the hills, how big are the hills?
– @rankjas
It is not very tall or steep, but I can see how it would be pains in the butt after a long practice.

Any thoughts on the AAF? They seem to be more balanced than any other startup league and smart, so as not to disturb the NFL season. Just a team nearby had announced, excited for the potential. #MailDoug
– @StephenPorier
I did not really know anything about the alliance of American football before asking, but I think it's interesting. His list of head coaches is funny: Brad Childress, Tim Lewis, Mike Singletary, Steve Spurrier, Rick Neuheisel, Dennis Erickson and Mike Martz. They are all people who are 15 years older, but also trainers who are surprised that they have no jobs?

I also wonder how the league will fill its rosters. It will be a pro player who apparently leaves the league in 2018 and will not sign futures contracts in 2019. Will they be able to attract college players? Would a player be ready to be drafted into a league starting in February just months after the 2018 NCAA season ended?

I will see it. It probably has a better chance than the XFL.

Have you ever had steroids? #MailDoug
– @joshuajturano
No, should I?

Will there ever be a time when the Patriots have no # 1 history, though similar things happen to all the other teams?
– @jacob_scheck
Can you imagine if patriots violate the rules of the OTA and not the ravens? It would have been the biggest story of the off season. I would have to cancel my summer vacation to continue writing about it.

Thoughts about plastic straws?
– @cjmcmahon_NH
It is commendable that Gisele and Brady are trying to get people to stop using them. I'll be on board the paper train as companies start to deliver them.

What did Braxton Berrios look like? #MailDoug
– @ Chris_Chrome508
He was restricted with an unrevealed injury. We have not seen him well yet. Check back at the training camp.

Post-OTA 53-man roster projection
– @daltonringey
I will post a service session after Tuesday's OTAs.

@DougKyed If Julian Edelman is actually suspended, what are the Pats doing in the first 4 games? Must play for Brady hard at the age of 41 without Edelman, no Dola set as a safety net and without Lot? I think his release time will slow down.
– @x_Wonder_Woman_
I say 3-1, but I would not be surprised if it were 2-2.

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