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Paul Ryan hopes for Republican hopes and plans for interim elections

Already, some Republican veterans suggest the party shift their focus away from the house to protect their single-seat Senate majority.

"It now seems clear that the fight is to hold the Senate," said Billy Piper, a lobbyist and former chief of staff of Sen. Mitch McConnell, the Republican leader. "The first thing a Democrat House majority would do is impeachment, and the second would be to reverse the tax reform." A GOP The Senate will stop these two things and continue to put the Conservatives on record in record time. "

Mr. Ryan's resignation is a destabilizing blow to Republicans' plans on almost every front. The former Republican vice-presidential candidate was the party's main appeal for donations in this house. Almost every night he was in Washington, he took part in fundraising and has so far raised more than $ 54 million for this election. Unlike a presidential chaos, Mr. Ryan has also been a calming figure for the business community and a source of perceived stability for restless legislators thinking about retirement.

And Mr. Ryan was the most important voice on the right. He called for a positive and inclusive message and a campaign that focused on the economy and taxes, rather than on the issues of proper culture warfare. Mr. Trump is happy about it.

Now, some in the party are proposing that the speaker's speech be released Republicans are leading a tougher campaign that better reflects the man's policies in the Oval Office


Paul Ryan says he will retire

Mr. Ryan said Wednesday he will not seek re-election, end a brief pause over the house and signal the danger that the Republican majority will play in the midterm elections.

By C-SPAN on Date of publication April 11, 2018.

Photo by Tom Brenner / The New York Times.

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"Paul is mercilessly positive and wanted to lead an ideological campaign," said former House Speaker Newt Gingrich. "But I guarantee you that it did not work that fall."

But any campaign-trail embrace of angry complaint policy – by the way in which Mr. Trump ran in 2016 – alerted other Republicans, who fear that it will only exacerbate their troubles in the suburbs and long-term difficulties.

"This is a great moment of truth," said Florida MP Tom Rooney. "I do not believe that fearful campaigns or governance will ever work or ever be a lasting message, you can scare people so much, and if we try, we will not be in power much longer."

Mr , Ryan pointed out to advisors that he knows the party's withdrawal will create political difficulties, but he does not believe he has a clear conscience for another full two-year term after two Republicans who are well versed in the talks He wanted to spend more time with his three young children, as expressed at a press conference on Wednesday. It's a little reassuring for the Republicans who expected Ryan to raise millions and fight legislators around the country. Although he swore to his colleagues that he will continue to fulfill this political responsibility, he will not be nearly as tall at the fundraisers as he is now, when he's a lame duck.

Former Rep. Thomas M. Reynolds of New York, who sits on the board of a Republican group affiliated with the spokesman, said Mr. Ryan had manipulated the party's fundraising machinery.

"It will be a difficult task for Paul to hold his strong, living fund," said Mr. Reynolds. "If you're a lame duck, it changes that dynamic."

And with the candidacy still open in 19 states, Mr. Ryan has lost any real power to convince other wavering Republicans to run again. 19659020] More than three dozen other Republicans leave the house to retire or seek other offices, and some more have resigned in personal scandals or jobs in the private sector.

Last week, Mr. Ryan gathered with his political spender in Austin, Texas, to present the Party's strategy for the election and seek their financial support. While Mr. Ryan did not agree with his plans for re-election, he did not say his exit was imminent.

To reassure his terrified colleague on Wednesday morning, Mr. Ryan told the Republicans that he was "through the band" with them in the 2018 elections.

Election calendar and 2018 results

A full list of elections for the House of Representatives and the Senate, including the races most important to the control of Congress.

However, it is unlikely that Mr. Ryan will be able to fulfill his core leadership role with the same strength he has exercised so far. Some party strategists had already murmured after the Texas meeting that his unwillingness to run again proved an excuse to the big donors for not making substantial contributions to the House's campaigning efforts.

Mr. Davis said the party must now push its agenda quickly and warn that Republicans can not simply promote the recent tax reform in light of the steady news from the Russia investigation by Special Adviser Robert S. Mueller III. I can not wait for Müller and be reactive. " he said, "They have a hammer, they should be out there making an infrastructure bill, doing something. You can not just make four corners.

When Mr. Ryan's departure was a silver lining, it was pronounced by a Republican representative in a competitive district who spoke on condition of anonymity, in order not to offend the speaker – said that Democrats are now a shining object And other Republican lawmakers said they had long assumed that Mr. Ryan would not be there for long, and Ryan's announced exit threatens to split the rest of the Republican leadership team in the House: the Republicans second and third tier Kevin McCarthy of California and Steve Scalise of Louisiana compete for the successor to Ryan.

Mr. Gingrich said Mr. Ryan's heirs must quickly take control or spoil the party.

"There will be a period of depression and confusion that lasts between two and six weeks" , he said. "And then McCarthy and Scalise will realize that the burden is on them to save the majority."

"But if they lead a frightened, anxious and confused campaign, they will lose the house and are fortunate enough to have the Senate," he said.

In a sign that the republican failures are likely to continue, Florida representative Dennis A. Ross, who has a conservative but insecure seat, announced Wednesday morning that he would be leaving his current term. He said on CNN that the negative atmosphere in Washington was "a factor" in his decision, urging his soon-to-be colleagues to swing a Ryan-like message in the fall.


Representative Dennis A Ross, Republican of Florida, also announced Wednesday that he would not stand for re-election. Credit
Andrew Harnik / Associated Press

Even younger legislators could take Mr. Ryan's exit as a reminder of the political environment.

Republican Representative Peter T. King of New York said Mr. Ryan downplayed the implications of his decision and predicted that no one would win or lose an election based on whether Paul Ryan was the spokesman. "

But newer members who might never have served under a spokesman other than Mr. Ryan would have made him a kind of political security blanket, Mr. King said, and there was a reassurance that Mr. Ryan" would be there "If he needed campaign contributions," he added.

"It was just a comfort zone to know that Paul Ryan was there for many of these people." Mr. King warned, "You really need to learn how to do a proper thing Race leads. "

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