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Paulo Costa beats up “human garbage” Israel Adesanya for post-fight behavior, Adesanya replies

Paulo Costa is already calling for a rematch against Israel Adesanya after falling on the reigning middleweight champion last weekend at UFC 254.

The source of his anger comes from Adesanya’s elected post-fight celebration after ending Costa with strikes in the second round.

Immediately after dropping Costa with a short inside hook, Adesanya followed him to the ground with a few more shots before the referee stopped the competition. Before struggling again, Adesanya pretended to be riding Costa as he started his party while the Brazilian was still dazed on screen.

“I come here to talk about the actions human garbage took after our fight,”

; Costa said during a video posted on his Instagram. “I didn’t see when I was there [in] I’ve seen the cage now. I refuse 100 percent. For me it is [personal] now. Nobody will stop me. Nobody can stop me.

“I want my rematch. You know i’m waiting for you Something happened before the fight, it’s not me [making] Excuses here to my people, to my fans, but I’ll fight him 100 percent and make him pay. This is my word. Save my words “

In a separate video in Portuguese, Costa doubled his criticism of Adesanya’s post-fight celebration, which included a heated argument with his head coach Eric Albarracin as he stood in front of the cage.

“You know me and you know, I won’t come here with excuses, but I’ll be 100 percent in my next fight and I want to be 100 percent,” said Costa. “The Paulo ‘Borrachinha’ that you all know, how he fights, how he fights, always going forward and trying to end the fight at any moment. I just saw his unacceptable and disrespectful attitude and he will have to pay for it next time in the octagon. He has to pay every penny in the next fight.

“Dana White, make this fight possible. I haven’t seen what he did in the octagon until now. It is now a matter of honor. Paulo ‘Borrachinha’, aggressive as always. Dana White, make it happen. This time, I’ll be 100 percent with no excuses to rip off this disrespectful clown’s head. “

As much as Costa would want a rematch, it is unlikely that he will be given that opportunity before he catches at least a few wins to get back into the title fight.

For his part, Adesanya wasted no time heading over to Costa’s Instagram page, where he dropped a couple of messages aimed at the latest adversary added to his profit column.

“I can stop you again,” Adesanya said to Costa. “Dislike.”

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