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PC Game Install Sizes Are Ballooning And I'm Scared

Earlier today, I'm reading the hard drive space requirement and when it hit the hard drive space requirement, did a double-take. 175 GB. For one game. My hard drive currently has no space for all games. And Modern Warfare is far from alone in its galactus-like hunger for hard drive space.

Red Dead Redemption 2 for example, will not stop until it has callously conquered 150 GB of your PC's storage . Gears 5, Halo 5 and Final Fantasy XV Gears 5, Halo 5 and Final Fantasy XV 100GB when you add high-res texture packs ( the latter even without improved textures). PC gaming has always had a preponderance of bonkers proportions.

Activision, at least, has published an explanation for why its game plans are on the way out


959003] "Modern Warfare " is a very hard drive space. "the publisher said in a blog post .

So far, however, Rockstar has not said anything along those lines, meaning that Red Dead Redemption 2 squeal like hogtied pigs on which somebody tried to install a large video game.

That's a pain! I just do not use my hard drive for games, but I have other things like videos and images. I should have a little negligent and irresponsible, darn it! As is, however, I expect that it will not last much longer than my latest, greatest big-budget hit. I fear that day. I am not ready for the cold blackness of the recycle bin.

There is a reason for this endless ballooning : outlined by PC Gamer in a 2018 investigation textures keep getting more complex and, therefore, bigger, and there's not a practical way to compress them sans loss of fidelity in the same way there is for, say, audio.

Unlike on consoles, neither are they so much as they can take place. So yeah, Modern Warfare and Red Dead Redemption 2 will probably look best on PC, but you might want to do some spring cleaning before you buy them. Or you can just like me, continue to do your hard drive like your messy bedroom, and resign yourself to just one game at a time. So, the embrace of the void.

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