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Peer into the historic Frogmore House, Harry and Meghan's reception

We have seen many tantalizing details about the upcoming royal wedding, as May 19 is approaching. In less than two months, we now know that a lemon and elderflower wedding cake is served at the reception (with the aim of conveying "the bright flavors of spring" per Kensington Palace) and that the couple has set a dress code uniform , Dressing gown or lounge suit or day dress with hat

Now is the time to take a closer look at the historic setting of Frogmore House, where the evening reception for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle – who will be husband and wife at the time – is being held.

The couple is scheduled to marry at 1

2 pm at St. George's Chapel in Windsor Castle GMT, and later that day Queen Elizabeth II will have a lunchtime reception for the 600 wedding guests in the large St. George's Hall is hosting. (See Prince Harry and Meghan's nice invitations!)

But it's that evening in Frogmore House's confidential reception, hosted by Prince Charles for about 200 of Harry's closest friends and family and Meghan, where the newlyweds will really be able to relax and enjoy themselves.

About half a mile south of Windsor Castle, Frogmore House is a beautiful Grade I listed 17th century country estate . It is a royal residence since it was purchased by King George III for his wife Queen Charlotte who used it as a country seat where she and her daughters could pursue their games B. Painting and needlework.

Charlotte had a special interest in the botany and supervised the creation of forests, lakes, clearings, follies and bridges in the land around the Frogmore House, which formerly consisted only of flat marshland

Since then, the extensive terrain has become one become the most notable aspects of the property. They house more than 4,000 trees and shrubs, as well as the 13 South American Mausoleum in which Queen Victoria and Prince Albert lie

  Prince Harry and Meghan Markle arrive Their Official Enagement Portraits in the Gardens of Frogmore House
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle arrive at their official Enagement portraits in the gardens of Frogmore House.

These reasons are already a significant part of Harry and Meghan's story. Here, on a sunny winter's day, they posed shortly after the November announcement that they should marry for their official engagement photos. The photos were known for an intimacy that is not usually portrayed in royal snapshots – but the love and tenderness that existed between Victoria and Albert is well documented, so the gardens of Frogmore House were the perfect place where Harry and Meghan this could reveal aspect of their relationship

As for the receptionist, one could not ask for a more elegant ambience than the interior of the residence. We can only imagine the light of a hundred candles dancing on the 18 th century murals with scenes from Virgil's Aeneis in the staircase or the garlands of painted flowers in the Mary Moser Room


Then there's the Enigmatic Black Museum, adorned with black papier-mâché furniture by Queen Mary here, just like Harry and Meghan are staying in here for a brief moment) and the Britannia Room, reminiscent of the interior of the Royal Yacht Britannia, was decommissioned in 1997. It was this yacht on which Prince Charles and Princess Diana ran out on their honeymoon through the Mediterranean Sea in 1981.

Unfortunately, we can barely catch a glimpse of the evening reception of Harry and Meghan, as this one Event will be a much more private affair than the previous celebrations of the day. Still, we can at least now form a picture of where the happy couple will be when the wedding day comes to an end.

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