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Pelicans vs. Trail Blazers Live Results: Anthony Davis and Jrue Holiday are highlight machines

Pelicans 97, Trail Blazers 93 – 5:12, fourth quarter

Quick timeouts show how important this game (and this upcoming New Orleans possession) is.

Pelicans 95, Trail Blazers 93 – 6:15, fourth quarter

Portland has slowly retreated into the game, and a four-point play by Damian Lillard tied it briefly just to put Holiday in his pocket Get to get a pull-up sweater in his eye.

That's such a good matchup, man.

Pelicans 87, Trail Blazers 78 – Late Third Quarter

Even Darius Miller is out here and gets bucket, man.

Pelicans 77, Trail Blazers 68 ̵
1; 4:58, third quarter

More Jrue Holiday-Anthony Davis pick-and-roll, and the pelicans are currently cooking absolutely.

Pelicans 70, Trail Blazers 67 – 7:38, Third Quarter

And the lead teeters back to New Orleans, and they are absolutely relentless. The Pelicans wear the Holiday-Brow pick-and-roll for a good reason. Holiday was masterful inside, Davis can not be left open, and both players quickly turned the ball when Portland brought in a third player.

Here's a killer oop that comes out of it.

Trail Blazers 59, Pelikane 54 – Halftime

Both teams have scored 10 points over their last three minutes. New Orleans got half of it from Rajon Rondo, who has really turned into a capable spot-shooter, someone to meet at least on the outer border – he left one behind with 3.7 seconds. He also has six assists so far.

That was also a good episode of Anthony.

Nevertheless, Portland has a decent advantage. Obviously they need this game, 0-1 in the series with a following road trip.

Trail Blazers 49, Pelicans 44 – 2:57, second quarter

Al-Farouq Aminu just scored seven just for Portland, who has recovered from the slow start. Portland already has 19 points on 9 of 12 shootings from his bench, which is almost more than Game 1.

Trail Blazers 33, Pelicans 28 – 9:16, second quarter

Mo Harkless can only be one Bankkog, but he's a decider for the Portland Trail Blazers, especially against a Portland team that has several excellent wings. Here he makes himself felt.

Harkless did not play in the first game, but he is urgently needed here.

Pelicans 25, Trail Blazers 23 – End of First Quarter

Portland's bank helped them get back and tie the game, but a Jrue Holiday layup at the end of the frame pushed them back to the front. The holiday is so good – he has 12 points and two assists at the end of the frame.

Pelicans 16, Trail Blazers 10 – 4:53, First Quarter

The Blazers still look kinda messy, in another weird start for them.

Pelicans 9, Trail Blazers 2 – 9:21, First Quarter

Again, it's a fast start for New Orleans, who used a pair of long Anthony Davis jumpers and an E & # 25; Twaun Moore Triple Overcome Portland in an instant. The Blazers take a break.

However, it is very red in the building.

Before the Game

The Portland Hinterblazers failed to cement a comeback and became the only team to lose at home in Game 1, 97-95, to the New Orleans Pelicans. No wonder, Anthony Davis was an important reason for that. The Brow scored 35 points in 26 shots and retraced 14 rebounds in a dominant performance. He also had four blocks.

Damian Lillard and C.J. McCollum were both shallow to start the game, and it was expensive for Portland. The two shot a miserable 13-of-41 at night, finishing only 37 combined points. That can not happen again for Portland, no matter how excellent Jrue Holiday is on the defensive.

Winning Game 2 could be a huge boost for New Orleans, who could go home 2-0 without DeMarcus's cousins. When Boogie ripped the Achilles, many wrote off the pelicans. Davis' MVP postponement in the season makes her think this over.

Look for Lillard to look for him on Tuesday night. There is little chance that he will perform poorly in the playoffs in a row.

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