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Pence beats BuzzFeed & # 39; obsession & # 39; down, & # 39; disappointed & # 39; the Pelosi rejection of the Trump border compromise

Vice President Mike Pence spoke to "Fox News Sunday," saying that Republicans "naturally" remain willing to continue negotiating the border financing compromise proposed by President Trump on Saturday, even as Pence accused house spokeswoman Nancy Pelosi a "disappointing" strategy of "soundbites" for almost a month.

Pence comments came when Fox News learned that the Senate Republicans were jingling on Saturday night and Sunday morning to create a bill that proposed Trump's proposal to end the ongoing part of the federal government's closure. Democratic leaders, including Pelosi, pre-empted Trump's proposal before officially announcing it.

Pence also targeted an explosive, discredited report by Buzzfeed News, which blamed Trump for a condemned lie of congress and subsequent breathless media coverage for nearly 24 hours, until Special Adviser Robert Mueller made his first for more than a year made public statement to reject it. (The Washington Post later reported that Müller intended his rare denial to mean that the story was "almost completely incorrect.")

The suppression of the "obsession of many in the national media to attack this president for some reason, for some reason, "Pence claimed that the problem was greater than Buzzfeed, which up to has held its reporting without providing any additional justification, despite Müller's extraordinary admonition."

"It was notable what in The past 24 hours had happened media based on the report that appeared in Buzzfeed, "said Pence." This is one of the reasons why people are so frustrated with many in the national media. "

Later related with "Fox News Sunday," the Democratic MEP of South Carolina, Democrats, defended the Democrats' response to the Buzzfeed report, including One those who demanded Trump's impeachment if the story proved correct.

"I do not think my Democratic friends are in any way standing trial because they have qualified to the top [by saying]:" If that's true, "Clyburn argued," If your statement is "If this is true "That means for me all the cover you need."


Despite the great Brouhahas, Pence said, that concentrates White House continues on the completion of the partial closure of the federal government, which now reaches its 30th day.

"There is a legislative process that will begin on Tuesday in November The US Senate" to pass a bill to implement the Trump Pence anchored Chris Wallace.

What Trump offered on Wednesday is not necessarily Trump's final offer, Pence said.

"Offer before the president delivered his speech on Saturday," Pence said. "The president offers a solution. And what we have from the leadership of the Democrats is just a kind of soundbites. "

  House spokeswoman Nancy Pelosi from California talks to reporters in the middle as she leaves an event with refugee federal workers, which was partially closed on Monday, January 16. 2019, on Capitol Hill in Washington. (AP Photo / Andrew Harnik)

The house spokeswoman, Nancy Pelosi of California, center, talks to reporters as she leaves an enthusiastic federal job on Wednesday Jan. 16, 2019 Capitol Hill in Washington. (AP Photo / Andrew Harnik)

The text of a bill that seeks to protect 700,000 DACA recipients (DACA), $ 5.7 billion. Trump was looking for a barrier on the country's southern border with Mexico and extended protections for 300,000 recipients of the TPS – should be ready on Monday, Fox News said.


Asked if the Republicans can win 60 votes in the Senate to defeat a possible Democratic filibuster of the bill, Pence was noncommittal.

"As the President often says," We'll see, "Pence said, noting that the Republicans have 53 votes in the Chamber

The Vice President then sharply rejected the proposals of some conservative commentators, including Ann Coulter According to which the plan constitutes an "amnesty" – a line of attack suggesting that some Republicans in the House and in the Senate would not support the proposals ed law

"This is not an amnesty. There is no road to citizenship, there is no permanent status here. Amnesty says, "Pence said to Wallace." What that is is a good intention to tackle the problem.

In a Series of Tweets Also on early Sunday, Trump also explicitly denied that his compromise plan was an amnesty for illegal immigrants – even though he had apparently left the door open for amnesty as part of a "much larger deal."

Pence added, "I think the Americans are looking at this, Chris, they'll see what it is. President Trump said, "Bring all the ideas from all sides, let's all put them on the table." The President has made clear what he will support. Now is the time for the Senate and Parliament to start voting to secure our borders and reopen the government.

Pelosi and the Democratic leadership unnecessarily extend the closure, claimed Pence.

"I sat next door to the President [in the White House Situation Room] when spokesman Pelosi said if we reopened the government and it would take 30 days In order to negotiate, she would not give the president any funds for border security or a wall. "Pence said." The most important thing is for the American people to have their voice heard. "


Pence announced the news that it would be a second summit between Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un next month. [HoweverinDecemberNorthKoreapledgedthatitwouldneverabandonitsnuclearweaponsunilaterallyunlesstheUnitedStatesremovesitsnuclearthreatfirstandUSintelligenceagenciessaythecountryisnotdenuclearizedaspromised

"The president will details in the coming days, "Pence said." There will be a second summit. And at this summit, we will set out our expectation that North Korea will take concrete steps to put into practice the denuclearization to which Kim Jong Un is committed. The President is very optimistic. "[19659003] Pence closed with prayers for the" four American heroes "who were killed in a suicide bombing in a restaurant in Syria on Wednesday, including two US military personnel, a US civilian. Ministry of Defense and a contractor.Three Americans were injured in the explosion.

  President Donald Trump welcomes as a transport team of the US Navy a transfer case with the remains of Scott A. Wirtz on Saturday, January 19, 2019, at the Dover Air Force Base (AP Photo / Patrick Semansky)

President Donald Trump welcomes a transport case containing the remains of Scott A. Wirtz on Saturday, January 19, 2019, at Dover Air Force Base in Del . (AP Photo / Patrick Semansky)

Urged by Wallace to answer the question of whether ISIS in Syria has really been defeated, as Pence and Trump have repeatedly claimed, Pence said the government's "progress" against IS was "notable."

The White House, Citing what the president has called the unnecessary loss of US life, Dececmber announced that the approximately 2,000 US troops in Syria will be leaving soon.

"After President Obama withdrew US forces from Iraq in 2011, we literally saw this ISIS caliphate" raging and overpowering vast areas of Syria and Iraq that American soldiers had won, "Pence said Obama started the bombing two years later. But President Trump changed the rules of engagement. He called on our military, his commander-in-chief, to follow them, and our soldiers and Americans should fight together. Our allies literally quelled the IS state. "

Pence continued," The President, as Commander-in-Chief, decided to hand over the fight against ISIS in Syria to our coalition partners. We are working The President wants to bring our troops home, but recognize that there are remains, there are still ISIS fighters in the region, but we have recaptured 99 percent of the territory that the caliphate has claimed The IS State became defeated, but we will not rest or give way until we expel ISIS not only from the region, but also from the ground.

Chris Wallace and Chad Pergram of Fox News contributed to this review.

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