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Pentagon kills "killing vehicle"

The Pentagon announces a multi-billion dollar contract with Boeing for the Redesigned Kill Vehicle, a new ballistic missile interceptor.

"Ending the program was the responsible thing," he said in a statement. "Development programs sometimes encounter problems. After careful consideration, we have decided that the chosen path will not be fruitful. Therefore we will not go this way any more. This decision supports our efforts to take full advantage of any future taxpayer dollars spent on defense.

The move was lamented by missile defense boosters like Riki Ellison of the Missile Defense Advocacy Alliance.

"This decision will delay the deployment of additional GBIs [Ground Based Interceptors] to defend the home of the United States until 2030 at the earliest," writes Ellison. "The decision of Dr. Griffin also delays the modernization of the current 44 GBIs, which currently consist of three generations of technical capability, at least since the 1


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