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Pentagon puts $ 10 billion contract on ice after Trump criticized Amazon

The Pentagon wants a single supplier for its JEDI cloud computing system, which stores key personnel and message data, while allowing it to better compete with China in the field of AI. The bidding selected four parties, including IBM and Oracle, but the Pentagon has only selected two suppliers: Microsoft and Amazon.

Oracle tried to stay in the game by arguing to Congress that the bidding process was unfair. The company's conversation turned to a group of representatives who called on Trump to place orders until the Pentagon investigated any irregularities or conflicts of interest as possible with the awarding and execution of the contract.

In response, Trump asked Pentagon officials to review the process. "They say it was not competitive," he said on July 1

8th. "Some of the biggest companies in the world are complaining … I'll ask them to look closely to see what's going on, because I've had very few things that have such complaints."

Trump has in the past criticized Amazon and Bezos (the owner of the Washington Post ), but problems with the JEDI contract precede the president. In particular, the contestants expressed concern over meetings that former Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis held in 2017 between AWS Vice President Teresa Carlson and Jeff Bezos himself. The Guardian also noted that an Amazon vice president had contact with US government procurement services to set up a shopping portal.

In July, a court ruled that Oracle's offer did not meet government requirements, and the Government Accountability Office found that the offer was fair. Meanwhile, the Pentagon called Oracle's allegations "the subject of ill-informed and often manipulative speculation."

And while some US officials want to slow down supply, others want it to continue. "We believe it is vital for our national security to speed up the assignment and implementation of this mandate," said Rep. Mac Thornberry (R-Texas) on behalf of the House Armed Services Committee]
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