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Adobe introduces the new Sky Replacements Tool for Photoshop

Adobe Sensei is committed to developing artificial intelligence technologies for the Californian company’s solutions. In the world of photography, we’ve seen impressive improvements in object selection with CC 2020. But this year is not over yet and the company will be introducing even more electricity before the year is out. As we can see, its new function is to replace heaven.

In the video we can see how the new Photoshop CC feature works. After being called via a toolbar menu A ceiling replacement panel is opened with some setting functions for the sky, settings for the scene and a sky selection field.

The user applies the sky shift setting, selects the replacement image, and the scene is automatically adjusted in tones to match the newly applied sky. The software algorithms create the masks and brightness maps that are used to complete the adjustment of the scene. The end result will be in a group of new levelswith settings and masks to achieve a non-destructive result.

Photoshop 001

These types of editing tools are based on artificial intelligence are very useful for optimizing and fine-tuning workflowsTime for the creative development of the pieces. Like the Luminar tool, it will be a new toy that more than one will love to experiment with.

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As DIY Photography reports, According to Adobe, we can learn more about the tool in October this year during their Adobe Max Conferences, which will be free and virtual this year. The company says this new skylight replacement tool will be available very soon. So stay tuned to what’s new in this digital editing and retouching software.

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