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Adopt the dog allegedly abandoned in Medellín – Medellín – Colombia

The dog emerging in a video chasing a taxi was adopted after the intervention of the authorities at the time of the events . In the pictures, taken by a moving motorbike, one can see a dog desperately pursuing public transport in front of the eyes of the inmates, who, despite knowing the events, do not stop.

A quadrant patrol arrived at the site, verified the situation still under investigation by the environmental police, and finally gave the dog for adoption to a citizen who came to the site before the resulting tumult.

According to witnesses who furiously filed claims against the inmates of the taxi, the dog would have pursued the vehicle for about 20 blocks unsuccessfully jumping several times to climb. The persecution of the animal would have begun in the neighborhood Robledo Aures.

Finally, under pressure from several citizens who noticed the situation, a police patrol asked for explanations for the occupants of the vehicle. "The lady who sat in the taxi said that she was not the owner of the animal, but that she feeds it from time to time, she even said that the dog did not persecute her for the first time," said police chief lieutenant Erika Ortiz Environment

The lieutenant explained that the patrols that arrived at the site could not give the alleged owner a hearing because there was no evidence that she was the owner but that the case was already in the Responsible inspector carrying out investigation into possible economic punishment for the citizen

The dog was taken to police station in a police patrol on a farm in the municipality of Segovia, northeast of Antioquia, . Man who decided to adopt him after the persecution.

This is not the first time that a public appeal like this controversial thing in the city. Another video was taken in the same sector last week by Robledo, in which a medium-sized dog chased a motorcycle, pursuing its alleged owners, who did not stop immediately, but continued their march and were captured by another citizen


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