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Android: The best applications to use the camera of your smartphone Photos Video | Smartphone | Google Play Store | technology

For a long time she has Cameras of Smartphones They have drawn attention to their quality and there are many smartphones that are equipped with lenses that are surprisingly smart and knowledgeable. Still, the benefits could be greater if we take advantage of another of Android’s big benefits: Apps Do you want to know how? Here we share some of the best applications to get Photographs.

Many people think that with one App Third-party camera instead of the camera in your home Smartphone it’s not a big advantage; However, every Android device has its own factory application for taking photos, and this is far from the only option.

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To demonstrate this, we give you a few options Apps for third-party cameras that you can download easily and free of charge from the Google Play Android application storage used when testing your new smartphone.

. Open the camera

It is one of the Apps better known, although simple and complex at the same time. Simple for its easy to understand interface and complicated because it gives you manual controls seen very little in traditional camera applications for Android.

Descarga Open the camera of the Google Play Store

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2. Footej Camera2

One of the best options for those who are not looking for something that is difficult to manage but has multiple features. Footej Camera2 takes advantage of almost everything Smartphones I shoot with modern Android RAW, Slow motion, focus control, etc. All with a simple and non-invasive design.

Download Footej Camera 2 from the Google Play Store

3. Google Pixel camera: Gcam

The standard app from Google Pixel, the smartphones from Mountain View. Since these are powerful teams, it is logical that this app offers good options. All you have to do is make sure you have compatible devices and download them from a trusted portal like this.

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4. ProCam X-Lite

Made for option enthusiasts and those who can stay for hours until they get the perfect shot. With ProCam X-Lite you can control all the functions of an Android camera, and although the user interface suffers, tools like the anti-vibration mode are of great help in all situations.

Download ProCam X-Lite from the Google Play Store

5. Camera FV-5

An option that is very similar to the previous one, but with the difference that physical buttons can be assigned to the functions. So, if you’ve always preferred to take photos with the volume control on Android, this is probably the perfect and most complete camera app for you.

Download the FV-5 camera from the Google Play Store

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