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Apache: Who in real life was Danilo, the Uruguayan? | Darío Cabañas Colonel | Death of the Best Friend of Carlos Tevez | TV | series

Danilo el Uruguayo | Darío Cabañas Colonel | Apache The life of Carlos Tevez | The childhood and youth of Carlos Tevez was not easy. The Argentine footballer grew up amid shots, drugs, corruption and violence that characterized the neighborhood of Fuerte Apache, where much of Netflix's new bioserie (19459005) was responsible for the production of Adrián Caetano .

The series "Apache: The Life of Carlos Tevez" tells the difficult life of the Argentine athlete from his birth until his career as a footballer episodes in his first season, available on Netflix since Friday , 1

6th of August.

The production takes place in the 90s and tells several episodes of the hard childhood of Carlos Tevez since his heavy conflagration, which kept him in intensive therapy for nearly two months her biological mother, adoption by his uncle and his difficult path since All Boys to Boca Juniors .

"Since he could not raise me and moved all the time, my aunt grabbed me and took me along, I tell her mother and her husband, I say father, I see my mother, Fabiana, I have the relationship before 5 Carlos Tevez explained in an interview with the program "Loose Animals".

One of the most striking points of the series is focused on the best friend of the idol of Boca Juniors : Darío Coronel aka 'Cabañas', with whom he is his Childhood and youth in the dangerous neighborhood of & # 39; Fuerte Apache & # 39; Many say they saw him further than Tevez, but his life ended badly. He dedicated himself to the crime and committed suicide in real life, in the corner of the police, although he has a different name in the series – Danilo, the & # 39; Uruguayan & # 39; – and another finalist – died in a shootout with a local criminal.


His name was Darío Coronel but everyone at Fuerte Apache called him "Guacho Cabañas" because he played Roberto Cabañas, a Paraguayan striker who played in 1995 in Boca Juniors . He was the best friend of Carlos Tevez . They were both born in 1984, lived in the same neighborhood, attended the same school and were the most successful children's team in the history of the All Boys Club in Buenos Aires .

Everyone in their neighborhood reported doing so better than Tevez . He scored more goals than he did, they chose him more often than better players than him, they even tried together Vélez Sarsfield and chose only Guacho. He had a promising future in football.

Tevez and "Cabañas" combined everything, shared Christmas, New Year and some special moments. At the age of 17, his faithful companion died tragically. The news shook the idol of Boca .

When the Argentinean was returning to Buenos Aires his uncle whom he called "Father" gave him the painful message: "Cabañas" had committed suicide after they were shot dead by a police persecution in the temple.

"We were together all day, we went to the club, to the neighborhood court, to the school everywhere … It was a big blow for me When I last saw it, I felt that it was our farewell, "said Tevez in a conversation with Susana Giménez. 19659012] FINAL TRAGIC: VIOLENCE AND DRUGS

Darío Coronel's problems, aka "Cabins" began when he first applied glue. The Poxi-ran was the Paco of the nineties. From then on, one thing led him to another: Consumption addiction, addiction to his first robberies Robberies at youth institutes.

Darío Coronel ended up full-time in gangs and crimes. He attacked casinos and various facilities. He lost control and killed a police officer in a shootout. In Buenos Aires revenge is safe and with the same currency if a thief kills a police officer or vice versa. "Cabañas" was convicted.

He was given many mistakes because it was really good and even said would be the future "8" of the Argentine national team but at some point they could not bear it anymore. There are people who claim that they even looked for him at the monoblocks when he was away for several days. Over time, they would free him, tired of his behavior.

His life ended in August 2001. A policeman killed him when he attempted to steal a Taunus Ghia in 1979. Buenos Aires sought him for the murder of corporal Carlos Sosa, the robbery of a Mataderos bank and the escape of Tucumán. When he was cornered, committed suicide .

Tevez and "Cabins" had difficult childhoods, surrounded by an environment of violence and drugs. Their goals, however, went very different ways. The Argentine Rift painfully recalls the loss of his best friend, who was consumed by the criminal environment.

The stories told in the neighborhood Fuerte Apache and The Way in Das have captivated the users of the streaming platform who have made a good criticism of the production. So much so that they are already asking for second season .

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