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Confusing information about Russian aggressors • El Nuevo Diario

Elis Leonidovna Gonn, the woman from Russia who attacked Father Mario Guevara Cerda, the vicar of the Metropolitan Cathedral of Managua, was due to come from Italy to Honduras with an Italian passport from Nicaragua in September this year various communiqués of the National Police and the Directorate General for Migration and Immigration.

The information from both institutions shows that Gonn was born in Moscow, but left his country last year for political reasons and because of his sexual orientation. In Italy, he received the passport of this country when he received the refugee status, which is legally impossible according to various portals of the Italian foreign service, since a legal stay in Italy takes five years until a refugee is naturalized.


On Wednesday afternoon, after the attack on the priest, the police reported that Gonn had the Russian passport number 6646016. On Thursday, there was official information that he had fled Russia and had traveled to Italy with his two-year-old daughter in April of 2017 and they had taken away Russian passports in that country.

"Gonn reported that on February 17, 2018, she received the condition of refuge from Italy for being politically persecuted and convicted for her sexual orientation as a lesbian; the Italian passport, which was extended, is the number MC0006229, which expires on 17 January 2023. Italy also gave refuge to her daughter and gave notice of her Italian passport issued on 17 February 2018 on the basis of 17 January 2021, "explains the Declaration of Migration and Immigration.

The note issued by Migration and Aliens states: "After reading the pages of the two Italian passports granted to Eli Gonn and his daughter, it was not possible to know when they both left Italy, the date when they arrived in Mexico. "

It is not explained why Gonn left Europe, only that Mexico left for Guatemala on 22 August this year. Two days later they traveled to El Salvador, then to Honduras. On September 7, they traveled to Nicaragua according to official information about land.



The police statement on Thursday stated that their agents, with the permission of Sr. Arely Guzmán, entered the cathedral and found Gonn in "Trance while priest Rodolfo López practiced exorcism" ,

"He says he has injured the presbyter Mario Guevara because the devil has ordered him to kill someone, otherwise the devil would cost his life (…) Refers to refugee status in Italy, according to his own His sexual orientation was followed in his country of origin and belongs to the feminist movement, "says another part of the statement on migration.

Rare behavior

On this Thursday, the police issued another statement on the attack on the priest. This indicates that the researched woman had rented a room in a residential area in Managua, but walked with her daughter through the streets and ate sweets.


The day of the raid she just arrived at the Cathedral when there were "meetings of prayer and exorcism in cases of satanic obsession", and at that moment he sprinkled the priest with sulfuric acid as he confessed to the parishioners.

The information in the cathedral, however, indicates that they had decided to drive them out after attacking the priest and saying that he had done it because the devil had asked him to.

According to Sister Brenda Castillo of Managua's Assassination Cathedral, she had unusual expressions that were frightening, and so one of the priests carried out the exorcism, but found that he was not demonized.

"What we will have is a little more concern, but we only ask May God help us protect us and give us security," the religious said.


The alien is still in the cells of the Directorate of National Legal Assistance (DAJ), El Chipote.

Priest recovers

The state of health of Presbyter Mario Guevara is stable. One of the priest's brothers, who preferred to leave out his identity, said that according to Vivian Pellas Hospital, the burns were third degree.

He explained that the burns in the middle of the chin are on the left side and pass up to the face, with splashes in the lower part of the left eye; In addition, they are on the neck.

Nicaraguan Vice President Rosario Murillo condemned the attack on the priest in his speech today on Thursday.

Who is the woman who attacked a priest in the cathedral of Managua with acid?

"We strongly condemn because we have always condemned any form of violence," said the vice president in government media.

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