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Leon vs Pumas scoreboard today: 2-0, with the exclusion of Alfredo Talavera, for date 11 of the Liga MX | Sports

León added his second consecutive win in the Guard tournament 2020 Liga MX after beating Pumas 2-0 in a game valid for matchday 11 of the competition. The ‘Fiera’, which played at home on this occasion, won thanks to goals from Ángel Mena (45 + 1 ′) after a penalty and Jean Meneses (78 ′).

During the visit the porter Alfredo Talavera he was expelled at the end of the first half. Pedro Aquino He was a starter in the ‘Esmeralda’ box and played until he was 85. With the three points, the Peruvian team added 24 units to the overall standings and is now in second place, just one point behind leader Cruz Azul.

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The next day, Leon Atlético San Luis will visit. Already undefeated in the tournament, Pumas will try to stay in the top spots when they host Necaxa at the Olympic University Stadium.

León 2-0 Pumas: summary and goals of the game

Full time. León took Pumas undefeated and climbed to second place overall.

85 ̵

6;Another good save by González. This time Pumas goalkeeper Joel Campbell (León) denies the goal.

78 ‘ Gooooooooooooooooooooooooal from León!

Leon vs. Pumas: Jean Meneses scored 2-0

Badly charged component

Jean Meneses wins the position of defending Pumas and increases the account for the ‘Fiera’.

71 ‘León tries to maintain its numerical superiority by touching it to reach Pumas territory. The local team does not despair of creating dangerous opportunities that are protected by the scoreboard.

63 ‘Erik Lira (Pumas) called him from outside the area after a good visiting club club to reach the Leon field. The ball goes far beyond what is defended by goalkeeper Cota target.

56 ‘Very good goalkeeper González! The Pumas goalkeeper saves his goal against a shot by Gigliotti (León). It will not be easy for the ‘Fiera’ to score a second goal.

52 ‘Julio González (Pumas) reacts well when Fernando Navarro (León) gets in a shot. The goalkeeper who replaced Talavera shows that he can also make great interventions.

47 ‘Goal for León by Menas advanced position canceled.

The second part of this engagement begins!

End of the first part. Only the eviction of Talavera could allow León to express his superiority on the scoreboard from the penalty route.

45 + 1 ‘ Gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo of Leon!

Ángel Mena goal for León 1-0 against Pumas

Badly charged component

Ángel Mena shoots hard into the top right corner, rendering goalkeeper Julio Gonzáles useless.

41 ‘Penalty Leon. The referee believes Alfredo Talavera has committed a foul against Mena and shows him the second yellow card. The best puma player is expelled.

39 ‘Foul by Pedro Aquino (León). The Peruvian cuts off the cougars’ advance before they reach his area, but the referee sanctions a free kick in favor of the visit.

36 ‘ Huge Talavera! The Pumas goalkeeper saves the fall of his bow up to four times a minute. If play continues 0-0 it is the sole responsibility of the university goalkeeper.

34 ‘Navarro (León) tries a shot filtered from outside the box by the agglomeration of the Pumas defense, but the ball hits goalkeeper Talavera weakly.

30 ‘Pumas have joined the León region without any major threat. The ‘Fiera’ had the clearest chances of the game, but the capital’s citizens are daring more in these final minutes.

25 ‘Ángel Mena (León) shoots on target after a long pass. Goalkeeper Talavera is confident and stops the shot.

21 ‘ What Leon lost! Fernando Navarro slips in the area while alone in front of goalkeeper Talavera (Pumas).

18 ‘Yellow card for Alfredo Talavera (Pumas) for its claims to the arbitrator.

17 ‘Good save by Talavera (Pumas). Gigliotti (León) tried to surprise in the area but the goalkeeper reacted very well and avoided his goal falling.

12 ‘Good reaction from Montes (León) who steals the ball from Dinenno (Pumas) while trying to enter the area. The ‘Fiera’ player quickly removes the danger with a ball from the students onto the field.

9 ‘ ¡Paaaaaaaaalo! Moreno (León) sends a cross into the area that Mena connects first, but the ball hits the crossbar, denying the home team the first goal of the game.

6 ‘Center from Pumas to León, which goalkeeper Rodolfo Cota can easily contain. He comes out and plays the ‘Fiera’.

2 ‘First arrival from Leon! Gigliotti finished on goal after a pass from Sosa but coverage of the Pumas defense prevented him from hitting the ball well.

The match between León and Pumas begins!

Leon vs. Pumas LIVE: confirmed lineups

lion: Cota, Navarro, Barreiro, Tesillo, Moreno, Mena, Aquino, Montes, Ramírez, Sosa, Gigliotti.

Pumas: Talavera, Mayorga, Vásquez, Freire, Mozo, Álvarez, Lira, Iniestra, Iturbe, Dinenno, González.

León vs. Pumas for Fox Sports 2

Narration: Raúl Orvañanos

Notes: Antonio Valls, Alberto García

Leon vs. Pumas from Claro Sports

Story: Nicolás Romay

Notes: Antonio Moreno, Joaquín Beltrán

Leon vs. Pumas: How are you doing in the overall standings?

Pumas: 3rd place with 22 points

lion: 4th place with 21 points

Leon vs. Pumas

lion Tie Pumas
betsson 1.68 4.00 4.50
inkabet 1.67 3.80 4.50
bet365 1.66 4.00 4.75
Betfair 1.70 4.00 4.50

Leon vs. Pumas: Matchstick

game Leon vs. Pumas
date Monday, September 21, 2020
Time schedule 9:00 p.m.
space Leon Stadium
transmission Fox Sports 2 and Claro Sports

Pedro Aquino’s team goes through a positive streak of seven games without seeing any loss: along the way, they have five wins and two draws. The Peruvian has integrated the starting XI into the last four presentations of the “green” club in the USA Guard tournament 2020.

The good moment of Marco Ambriz and his managers managed to bring the León Club to fourth place in the overall standings with 21 units, two less than the front runner America.

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The “cats” of the UNAM have achieved four victories in a row: On the way they defeated Atlético San Luis, Santos Laguna, Puebla and Tijuana. These results, along with the previous ones, earned him third place with 22 points.

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When will León vs. Pumas?

The game Leon vs. Pumas It will take place this Monday September 21st at the León Stadium. The session corresponds to the 11th day of Guard tournament 2020 League MX.

When is León vs. Pumas?

If you want to know the meeting time in between Leon vs. Pumas LIFE For the 2020 Guardians Tournament of Liga MX we show you the schedule according to your location:

– Leon vs. Pumas LIVE in Colombia: 9 p.m.

– Leon vs. Pumas LIVE in Peru: 9:00 p.m.

– Leon vs. Pumas LIVE in Ecuador: 9:00 p.m.

– Leon vs. Pumas LIVE in the US: 9:00 p.m. (ET) / 7:00 p.m. (PT)

– Leon vs. Pumas live in Mexico: 9 p.m.

– Leon vs. Pumas LIVE in Costa Rica: 20:00

– Leon vs. Pumas LIVE in Bolivia: 10:00 p.m.

– Leon vs. Pumas LIVE in Paraguay: 10:00 p.m.

– Leon vs. Pumas LIVE in Venezuela: 22:00

– Leon vs. Pumas LIVE in Chile: 11 p.m.

– Leon vs. Pumas LIVE in Brazil: 23:00

– Leon vs. Pumas LIVE in Argentina: 11 p.m.

– Leon vs. Pumas LIVE in Uruguay: 23:00

– Leon vs. Pumas LIVE in Spain: 4.00 pm (Tuesday 22)

– Leon vs. Pumas LIVE in Italy: 4:00 a.m. (Tuesday 22nd)

Which channel does León vs. Pumas?

To experience this exciting encounter between Leon vs. Pumas LIVEyou have to set this transmission channel: Claro Sportsin the case of Peru. Below, we share the list of other channels for other countries.

– Argentina: Claro Sports

– Bolivia: Claro Sports

– Chile: Claro Sports

– Colombia: Claro Sports

– Costa Rica: Claro Sports, Fox Sports 2 Cono Norte and FOX Play Norte

– Cuba: Claro Sports

– Dominican Republic: Claro Sports, FOX Play Norte, Fox Sports 2 Cono Norte

– Ecuador: Claro Sports

– El Salvador: FOX Play Norte, Claro Sports and Fox Sports 2 Cono Norte

– Guatemala: FOX Play Norte, Claro Sports and Fox Sports 2 Cono Norte

– Honduras: Claro Sports, Fox Sports 2 Cono Norte and FOX Play Norte

– – MexicoFox Sports 2 Cono Norte, Claro Sports and FOX Play Norte

– Nicaragua: Fox Sports 2 Cono Norte, FOX Play Norte, Claro Sports

– Panama: Claro Sports, Fox Sports 2 North Cono and FOX Play Norte

-Paraguay: Claro Sports

– Peru: Claro Sports

– Puerto Rico: Claro Sports

– United States: TUDN.com, TUDN USA, TUDN App

– Uruguay: Claro Sports

– Venezuela: Claro Sports, FOX Play Norte, Fox Sports 2 Cono Norte

Leon vs. Pumas: last games

– León 3-1 Pumas | League MX

– Pumas 1-2 León | League MX

– Pumas 1-3 León | League MX

– León 1-1 Pumas | MX Cup

– León 1-2 Pumas | League MX

Leon vs. Pumas: possible orientations

León: Rodolfo Cota, Fernando Navarro, Stiven Barreiro, William Tesillo, Yairo Moreno, David Ramírez, Pedro Aquino, Luis Montes, Engel Mena, Nicolás Sosa, Emmanuel Gigliotti.

Pumas: Alfredo Talavera, Alan Mozo, Manuel Mayorga, Luis Quintana, Johan Vásquez, Andrés Iniestra, Carlos Gutiérrez, Erick Lira, Juan Vigón, Ignacio Dinenno, Carlos González.

Last matches of León

– Querétaro 2-3 León | 13.09.20

– León 1-1 Tigres | 09.09.20

– Necaxa 0-2 Leon | 04.09.20

Last matches of Pumas

– Pumas 3-0 San Luis | 13.09.20

– Santos 1-2 Pumas | 09.09.20

– Pumas 4-1 Puebla | 05.09.20

Liga MX, latest news:

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