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According to Google, these are nndc | the products Peruvians looked for the most during the “cybers” ECONOMY

As part of the first “Cyber” at the end of the year, Google carried out a trend analysis and found that interest in most retail categories continues to grow by more than 50% compared to the previous year. However, product preferences vary depending on our new reality. The most popular categories of searches include: Appliances, Technology, Cell Phones & Computers, …

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This is how you have the Google TV interface on your Android TV

If you still don’t have Google Chromecast with Google TV, don’t worry, we’re going to show you the trick of having the UI on your current Android TV. The arrival of the new Chromecast with Google TV has completely revolutionized the universe of Android TV As we knew, this can be seen in the change of the name to a …

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The reasons Google is so hard to dethrone

The US accuses Google of monopoly practices 1:59 (CNN) – If you use the internet, Google is practically inevitable. This can be seen most clearly in the way we search almost everything online, so “Google” is synonymous with search. That search dominance is now the target of the US Department of Justice (DOJ), which on Tuesday filed a lawsuit against …

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Google: Why the internet giant is the target of the US government’s largest antitrust lawsuit in decades

Drafting BBC World News 20th October 2020 Image source, Getty Images Caption, Google is accused of having used its dominant position to block competition. The United States government has brought charges against one of the largest corporations in its country (and the world) on charges of illegally becoming the “keeper” of the Internet. The Justice Department reported on Tuesday Google …

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Google Maps takes over the Trusted Contacts application

Almost four years ago, Google employees presented an interesting application to society called Trusted Contacts, which we could use to get in touch with someone around us in an emergency. Well, for no apparent reason, the guys at Mountain View decided to go away, or rather incorporate it into Google Maps. This action, which is nothing new as Google usually …

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The special driving mode reaches Google Maps

Google Maps is becoming one of the most important Google applications. In addition to the comprehensive location recommendation (the management of the location recommendation is amazingly easy and available in Spain), the app retains its functions as a GPS navigation app. Android Auto launches the application library: what it is and what it is for Android Auto launches a new …

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