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Technology: Between Us | When should ‘sabotage’ be done in the game? How to | Videojue

When should you use sabotage? What is it for and why do you need to use it? Here we tell you. Between us, the fashionable video game, is one of the applications that has been downloaded the most on smartphones, PCs, Macs and other devices in the past few weeks and has even surpassed Fall Guys’ sales.

While there are well-known tricks in Between usThere are a few things that you should know. When is it necessary to perform ̵

6;Sabotage’? Well, if you are a scammer you need to know this immediately so as not to fail in the video game for smartphones.

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How do you know that ‘Sabotage’ It has the ability to distract players so that they can spread out into different rooms on the map. Pressing the button not only allows you to eliminate different players, but also allows you to use other tricks:

  • When you ‘sabotage’ you can turn off multiple lights Between us. These are only resolved when someone turns on the light.
This is how you can 'sabotage' in Among Us.  (Photo: Wikipedia)
This will allow you to “Sabotage” “Among Us”. (Photo: Wikipedia)
  • On the other hand, you also have the option to open the oxygen so that any crew member can fix it.

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  • You can also close doors to trap players for a few seconds. But remember that you need to be careful to eliminate a crew member when they are next to you so as not to arouse suspicion.

When you’ve carried out the ‘Sabotage’ and eliminated several players, try to fix the problem you caused so that they don’t doubt you in “Among Us”.


Quarantine and social distancing have resulted in a monotonous and routine life cycle for some people. However, many of us have found in Video game A fun and easy alternative to hang out with friends and family. Currently like games Between us and Fall guys have a number of live broadcasts on platforms like Facebook Live, Youtube gaming and Second TV.

And it’s one of the most played games of the moment that has caught the attention of users and streamers alike Between us. A game that has reached the level of popularity it didn’t regain since its launch in 2018 and which now has more than 50,000,000 downloads on the Play Store. In case you didn’t know, Among Us is a free game to the Downloads on mobile devices.

Download Between us from your mobile device on Androidall you have to do is open the application Google play and look for the application by name “Between us”, then press “To install” and wait for the download to finish, which would take about 70MB.

You can also download Among Us for free by clicking this link.



It’s the first card and the one that gets the most voted because Among Us automatically throws it at you without choosing another. This has a number of missions put together by different Youtubers:

  • Reactor: This is where you need to start the reactor and unlock a variety of collectors.
  • Upper and Lower Motor: In this room you need to align the motor power and redirect the energy to it.
  • Security: In this room you can see through the surveillance cameras if the scammer is doing his thing.


So he gained fame among us and defeated Fall Guys

Between us it breaks on PC and mobile phone


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