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WhatsApp changes 357 of their emojis on Android


We've used the emoji before their arrival WhatsApp and even smartphones. We had them in MSN Messenger, but the success of the smartphone has led the Unicode Consortium to "put the batteries to use" and launches new images every year so we can easily express ourselves. Based on the "code" that is updated every year, companies like Google, Apple or Facebook have to adapt by introducing messages for the emoji keyboard . The WhatsApp for Android has just received an update.

WhatsApp for Android has just released an update concerning the Emoji Keyboard . There have been a total of 357 emojis which have been modified in one way or another, and currently they are only available in the beta version of the application, however in the next few days will be in the final version by WhatsApp for Android . In the image accompanying this article, you can review the changes that have taken place. And they have not been introduced in iOS, because the keyboard in the iPhone is not formulated by WhosApp that of Emojis but by Apple itself with its operating system.

Small changes to the Emojis keyboard of WhatsApp for Android: No less than 357 emojis have been updated

The changes are small, but they are part of the suitability of Emojis with WhatsApp repeatedly trying them to execute to iPhone keyboard . In some cases the tone of the emoji has been changed, in other cases the shapes have been slightly modified, and in other cases the changed details are minimal. However, on the keyboard there are a total of 357 modified files and the above are just a few. On the left side we see the old picture and on the right side the new one which has just been presented.

The important changes as for the Emoji keyboard had already arrived. Each year, the Unicode consortium releases a new version of Unicode containing the new emoji . A few months later, both WhatsApp as Apple, Google, and other companies released a keyboard update with these new emoji. This time it was just small changes to reduce the distances to the iPhone emoji.

Written by Carlos González

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