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Pete Carroll wrote a plea for a "New Empathy" following a meeting with the controversial Jordan Peterson

Seahawks coach Pete Carroll invited Jordan to reveal his staff a wide range of opinions and experiences Peterson, the best-selling author and controversial professor, to speak with his coaching staff.

Peterson, a professor at the University of Toronto who, among other things, represents a patriarchal society, was a controversial election, but then Carroll never shied away from controversy. (He became a celebrity among others among the 9/11 Truthers.) Carroll praised Peterson as a "very thought-provoking person," and apparently some of Carroll's own thought was provoked. How do you explain a long essay that was published on Thursday, "How do we live in the midst of cultural transformation"?

Carroll pleaded for a "new empathy" at a time when people are being distracted from our screens, "and complained that" our leaders have promoted a dialogue of discord and division, resulting in an increase in this dissatisfaction. We have experienced perspectives that testified to a contempt, perhaps even a hatred that has always existed, but has remained somewhat hidden from our distracted senses.

Carroll sees the "New Empathy" as leading to a cultural transformation He writes in part:

It's not going to be easy, and of course resistance is expected, and many will not be able to agree that we'll even have a new empathy But can not we all agree that people caring for those in need are a simple point of reference?

Please reflect on a renewed commitment to empathy. Maintain building bridges instead of building walls Be part of the change by accessing new care for others

Help create a culture of empathy, day after day, one person at a time

It is not too dramatic to say this is a social consciousness revolution in our present horizon and it seems we could miss it by taking our heads off buried in the sand of complacency and deception.

We live in the midst of a cultural transformation. As we drift through a landscape of …

Posted by Pete Carroll on Thursday, May 31, 2018

Peterson's appearance before Seattle's staff did not go unnoticed and to the question of reporters Carroll explained that Peterson's message was a "personal development." He added, Peterson "We talked about perspective and life, working together and helping each other to find our best, things that really did get us here."

A recent New York Times profile pointed out that Peterson's message is, "It's no shame to look back at a model of how the world should be arranged." Look back to the 1950s, he says – and back further. "His book" 12 Rules for Life "was released in January and has sold more than 1.1 million copies. He earns more than $ 80,000 a month for donations to his YouTube channel, the Times reports, and his online personality tests and self-improvement writing exercises are also popular.

His message may seem awkward for the NFL, dealing with both a domestic violence crisis and a barrage of stories about treating NFL cheerleaders in recent years. Carroll admits that there are "different opinions" when it comes to Peterson, but he does not shy away from it.

"It happened to be an opportunity – I had heard of Jordan's work and some of his perspectives – he spoke here in the city and we had the opportunity to get him to come by and he is a very thoughtful person psychological background, his mentality, his approach is an amazing perspective that he created and he created a consequence, "he said. "I just wanted to know what I could share with our employees about our personal growth and organizational growth, and if there was any chance of doing so, he did a wonderful job visiting with us." [19659016] Read More from The Post:

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