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Petraeus warns Iran to be "very cautious" as tensions with the Trump administration increase

Former CIA Director David Petraeus warned Iran that it must be "very cautious" as tensions between the Middle East and the United States continue to increase.

decision. They either have to tighten their girdles and put them on because it will get worse, "Petraeus said in ABC's" This Week. "" In the maximum pressure campaign, more screws are tightened, trying to grind their teeth and come to November 2020 in the hope that your desired result will come out.

He added, "You must be very careful not to exaggerate your hand and cause a reaction that is quite punitive. "

US warnings of commercial flights near the Persian Gulf could be" misidentified "under tension with Iran.

The Trump administration recently sent an aircraft carrier and other military resources into the Gulf region and withdrew Iraqi unimportant personnel that worries the Democrats and some Republicans on Capitol Hill about the possibility of confrontation with Iran.

Trump has downplayed any potential for conflict in recent days, but questions remain many have been asking for more information.

Much of the tension between Tehran and Washington stems from reports of bomb attacks and attacks across the region linked to Iranian backed terrorist groups the US withdrawal from the nuclear deal with Iran just over a year ago.

Trump retired from the deal, which he criticized as "the worst deal in history." He said the deal should have curtailed Iran's ballistic missile program and limited Tehran's anti-government activities in the region.

CLICK HERE TO OBTAIN THE FOX NEWS APP on Iran, which had been repealed under the agreement. [Iran] retaliated by threatening to bring its uranium stock nearer to arms levels in 60 days if the world powers negotiated no new terms for the 201

5 nuclear deal. As a first step, Iran has stopped selling surplus uranium and heavy water – something that is needed under the agreement.

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