PGA pro Adam Scott shows a preview of the 2019 Open Championship at the Royal Portrush Golf Club.

PORTRUSH, Northern Ireland – What's Phil going to do next?

In all the years when this question was asked, not a single person thought that the answer would ever be fasting. But that's exactly what Phil Mickelson did.

The man with the huge game and the big appetite for life and the dining table looked in the mirror – and in the charts of his final piece – and found that he had to make changes. So Mickelson is 15 to 18 pounds lighter than 15 days ago before the 148th edition of the British Open, which is to be played on the massive links called Royal Portrush.

In a video released on Sunday on Social Media Mickelson looked remarkably thinner as he stated he had made a "hard reboot to change things and try to make them better close". The approach included a six-day fast, a brief withdrawal and the consumption of nothing but water and a special coffee blend for well-being.

On Monday at Royal Portrush, where Mickelson held a long session on the practice site and then joined Alex Noren and Matthew Baldwin played on the 13th tee, proving the video was not photoshop. He looked even thinner for me than in the video, but on those last six holes he was still beating bombs and had a lot of punch in his iron and his level.

"I did not want to lose weight fast, I fasted to heal," Mickelson said.

This week saw a noticeably thinner Phil Mickelson for the British Open. (Photo: Getty Images)

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The five-time Major Champion, who won the British Open in Muirfield in 2013 and is a member of the World Golf Hall of Fame, won his 44th PGA Tour title at the AT & T Pebble Beach Pro-Am. Since then, however, he has missed the cut in four of his last six starts and only scored a top-20 result, a draw for the 18th at the Masters.

So the man who has never been afraid of change or the risky shot, The 49-year-old, who is still looking for this fountain of youth, has taken food out of his game plan.

"Mechanically, my momentum is exactly where I want it," said Mickelson, who also added yoga to his everyday life, and embark on many walks to satisfy his desire for physical and mental enhancement. "But mentally, I just lost focus, and my energy was not there, so I had to make changes."

"The first day, a day and a half, was tough. But on the fifth, sixth day, I did not long for food. I feel a ton better. I have so much energy and mental clarity. "

Mickelson did not go bad He has consumed many reports of studies on improving mental and physical condition, he has talked to doctors about his new pursuit and a quote he came across recently appealed to him and urged him to change.

"Anything you put into your body either causes illness or helps you with it Fighting Diseases. "

The quote is the 15th club in his pocket, as it resonates in his head and spurs on the future.

" Extensive research has shown that fasting heals your body itself leaves, "said Mickelson.

After completing his fasting, Mickelson became an artefact Since he brought food back to his world at the end of last week, he feeds on a plant-based diet consisting of fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds. As he said, he hardly eats because his smaller stomach quickly fills up with one serving.

"And I'll stay after that," he said. "I had to make changes, I'm not sure if it will help my game, I do not have high expectations this week, but I love this tournament and I'll just have fun."

"I hope the game is coming slowly. "


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