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Philadelphia Eagles QB training report against Ravens

The Eagles held the first of two joint training days with the Baltimore Ravens on Monday, opening the doors of the NovaCare complex to one of the NFL's best teams.

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The training provided the Eagles with a good opportunity to see how far they are at this point in the training camp and how much work they need to do before Week 1.

Here's a glimpse of the day quarterback Carson Wentz had along with some other practice observations:

Wentz : Wentz and the first team's offensive had their job against the Ravens' defense, a unit that not only ranks among the best in the league, but is also extremely deep in secondary education.

Despite fighting an elite defense, Wentz definitely had his moments. One of his best finishes of the day was a long pass for receiver Alshon Jeffery, a pass that sailed about 40 yards and hit Jeffery with two defenders in the area. Jeffery did a great job keeping control of the ball on the way down for the long run. One area in which Wentz stood out against the Ravens was fitting the ball into narrow windows, as there were not many, if any, dash covers. His touchdown pass was a perfect example of how Wentz used his arm strength to get the ball out quickly as he hit receiver Mack Hollis one step across the middle to touchdown during an exercise in the red zone.

However, the Eagles' offense did not have a good day in the red zone. Wentz and the first team's offensive ran nine games within the 20-yard line, with only one ending with a touchdown and six of the games ending in incompleteness. Wentz was also not particularly good with his deep passes against the Ravens, as he had the chance to meet receiver DeSean Jackson for a likely long touchdown in the field, but he threw Jackson a few feet over.

A positive point for Wentz was that he did not turn the ball over ̵

1; although he almost caught a pass for Nelson Agholor in the middle, who was dropped by the Ravens' defender.

Overall, Wentz had a solid but not spectacular day. Given the competition he faced, the Eagles may have left Monday feeling encouraged by what they saw.

Statistics: 15/30, 1 TD, 0 INT

Grade : B-

McCown : McCown, similar Wentz, should be graded on a bit of a curve. Not because of the competition, but because it was his first real training since the end of last season. What McCown encouraged was that not only did he repeat the second-team offense, but he was on the line two days after signing with the team and called the Audibles. McCown mostly checked the ball off, but the few times he tried to hit a receiver beyond 15 yards was unimpressive. He does not seem to have the arm power that Nate Sudfeld has. It will be interesting to see how much McCown plays against the Ravens on Thursday night.

Statistics : 6/18, 0 TD, 0 INT

Grade : C

Thorson : Possibly no player in The stock has improved as much as Thorson in the past week. The rookie had a terrible start in training camp, but on Monday he had an impressive day in the replay he had with the Eagles' offensive against the third team. Thorson had one of the best passes of the day when he received recipient J.J. Arcega-Whiteside for a touchdown in the corner of the end zone from about 18 meters away, with the loft over the defender and directly into the hands of the receiver. He had the best day of all quarterbacks in the red zone and completed three of his four passes within the 20 yard line for a landing.

Thorson is still a long way from playing in a regular season game, but the Eagles must feel encouraged by the progress he has made since the camp started.

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