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Philips Hue lights are now equipped with Bluetooth, so you do not need a hub

Philips Hue smart bulbs have perhaps the biggest upgrade ever: many bulbs are now shipped with built-in Bluetooth, so they can be set up and used even if you do not have a 60-dollar hub yet. was necessary to control it.

Adding Bluetooth to light bulbs brings some big advantages and really only a few minor disadvantages. The main advantage is that anyone with a smartphone will be able to screw one of these light bulbs and control it directly from their phone.

This is great for the Hue line and for shoppers ̵

1; it's now much easier to start with hue lights because you do not have to commit to buying and installing a hub before you even know if you With the lamps in the first phase are satisfied place. Many other smart bulbs, using either Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, have chosen this approach, and this has made them far better options for people who only want one or two smart lights and not a whole house full of those lights.

The Disadvantage of Using the bulbs so Bluetooth has a much shorter connection range than the wireless system that Hue bulbs traditionally use – Zigbee – and they are not remotely connected to the Internet. This means that you can only control them when your phone is within range of the light bulbs or about 30 feet away. If you forget to turn off a light, you can not go into the app and turn it off from outside the house.

Fortunately, the Hue lamps continue to contain Zigbee. So you can buy a range of Bluetooth bulbs, and if you want to do more with them later – you control them from outside or from a wider range – you can buy the hub to update your system. Signify, which manufactures Hue bulbs, recommends upgrading as soon as you use more than 10 bulbs.

Bluetooth comes first in the traditional Hue series A19 and BR30 floodlights. Prices will remain much the same as in the past: $ 15 for a single white pear; $ 25 for a single "white ambient" bulb whose color temperature you can control; and $ 50 for a full-color light bulb. According to Signify, more Hue products with Bluetooth will be released later this year and next year.

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