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Phillies Manager Gabe Kapler is deployed in Philadelphia

LOS ANGELES – Manager Gabe Kapler's baseball team is 30-22. It has not burned to the bottom. He did not drive it into a lake. It's good. After two months it is okay. And he is fine. Everything OK.

Just three weeks to the summer, and the Philadelphia Phillies with 96 lost runs last year are in a breezy pace for 94 wins, which seems a bit optimistic. But then, a few months ago, there had certainly been enough Philly bar stools that would not have believed in tempo for thirty.

As Philadelphia goes, Gabe Kapler says there were more graceful approaches. William Howe for example. Within hours, the pitching changes failed. A few games were lost. Social media blazed. The new manager, a serious and unconventional type of buddy with all these, you know, ideas, could fill a shirt sleeve, of course, but what about a pop-up card? He was booed in front of the house opener. That was the day the Phillies began to win.

There is progress. When the summer comes, they will be just as powerful as the tag, the players allowing franchise. The players are mostly good and there is money to replace those who are not. There is a plan beyond "Be bold" and "Value at the edges", the buzzwords that are reflected in organizational philosophies. Part of the plan is Kapler. Part of his plan is to be her and her, in the best case, how those relationships work, and then sometimes you can not help thinking of Mike Tyson's nasty observation about such things: "Everyone has a plan in their mouth be beaten. "

Kapler grinned.

"I love this quote," he said.

Again in this analogy, he recalls how he was the one who took off his pants and counted his teeth

"No, that made me think," he said. "I do not think it's admirable not to get hit, I do not think it's admirable to try not to be beaten, and I think it's very valuable to have this moment when your guard comes down and you get hurt Because it helps you to get on better.

The Philadelphia Phillies with 96 defeats last year are in a breezy pace for 94 victories under new coach Gabe Kapler. (AP)

"And I do not think it's admirable to try not to make mistakes. I think mistakes are important. They happen to everyone. Some are better at hiding them than others. Mistakes teach us. They help us make adjustments. And we have better processes. And that's how I feel. I do not make mistakes. I set about not repeating the same mistake often. But it's part of the fight to be crushed.

He did not argue that he was rolling in the dirt all night, every night, he did not streamline a series of Let's call them episodes that might have been awkward but slow, slow in eight weeks declaring decent baseball and decent decisions, but said that those who climb into the arena should expect to lose half a liter of blood from time to time – hell, just six months ago, Dave Roberts of the Los Angeles Dodgers went into Game 7 Just six days ago, Dave Roberts & # 39; s boss was forced to announce that Dave Roberts was not in danger of being fired, Imagine that the new guy comes to hug and comes with one Greetings on your forearms, and maybe it's all self-inflicted and maybe the games will not work like that anymore and just know that tough people in tough cities just will not stand up for threadbare bullpen management. You know, unless it works.

Kapler, perhaps the only manager in baseball to hold his press conference standing up, leaned against a post in his dugout on Tuesday afternoon. When asked what this blow did to his plan two months ago, he laughed. Not with the idea that the plan could change over one stroke. At the assumption there was only one.

"I think it's easy to look back and just look at it for a moment," he said. "And that's when he – or whoever – made the mistake or fell on her face, but you're really beaten every day, over and over and over again, really, adjustments are made along the way , Adjustments to the process and the plan, you have a blueprint, but then you are flexible enough to get started and respond to the situation and react to the environment, so here I am, reacting consistently to the environment and then reading, what the environment says about the blueprint. "


"I never said it was not hard, did you?" Smile again. "It was, you know, a bit, as a human, nobody wants to be booed, right? Everyone wants all his movements to work perfectly, but that's a wishful dream … If you think you'll never be hit, you are The fact that it happened at the beginning of the season in this particular case has caused a lot of it, and I knew that until the very end, I'm very aware of what's going on.

"Well What happens after all, because I had this perspective as a player, because I had the perspective as a human, as a human, where something is magnified, the storm was just the storm. I was very balanced. I was very measured. I was very aware. I felt what I was feeling – "That's shit" – but I understood what was happening around me. I watched it unfold. It never felt out of control. I only watched.

He also said, "I have no problem with conviction. I never had a problem with the conviction.

Gabe Kapler is perhaps the only manager in baseball who directs his press conference while standing. (AP)

An uncomfortable game, or two or five, whatever it might become, would not be a month Yes, Gabe Kapler has ideas of what works and what does not, everybody does it, he does not always sound like anybody else, which does not make him wrong or right, only, his. maybe even – who knows – October, his players will let him know what they think by winning 70 or 80 or 90 games.

In the meantime, Kapler has public discernment, if any, more often reserved for it They're the ones who lost 96 games last year, and 91 the year before, and 99 before that, so hey, he's with them, for better or for worse, not for that, not hiding from him, vulnerable like everyone else others also for the sc hlag, who changes everything. Or nothing.

"I think I naturally believe that players and co-workers, these baseball people, I believe, are the best in them," said Kapler. "And I think they are really, really smart, and sometimes I forget how emotional we all are, how emotionally we all are human." Back to the main point here, the most important thing I've learned is this emotion to react and sometimes burden them more than the optimal strategic decision.

"They are emotional. You are emotional too. And what drives our decision-making process is not always what we think. Taking a step back is a helpful, holistic view. "

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