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[PHOTOS] Best TV Cliffhangers of All Time: "Dallas", "Friends", "More"

"To be continued …" Do three words in English cause an equally large and dramatic response from TV fanatics like these? Yes, we did not think so.

Properly done, a cliffhanger at the end of the season can not just leave a screaming crowd on the canvas seats for an apparent (and sometimes a!) Eternity until the beginning of the following season.

Since May Sweeps left a lot of new question marks about some of our favorite shows, we've decided to take a look back at the top 15 cliffhangers of all time. Everything is included in our climatic countdown, from a wedding that went awry (or would that be correct ?), To a hell of revelation, from a "death" that nearly killed us to the shot that is heard around the globe world.

To see which cliffhangers made the cut – and, of course, which took first place on our list – click on the gallery above or click here to access it directly. Then – and we know it will be you! – Match the comments with the exciting seasons you've added to the collection.

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