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Picard-Cast Unveils More Show and Character Details – TrekMovie.com

Following their San Diego comic-con panel, starring Star Trek: Picard conducted a mini-media tour of SDCC and video sit-downs with Entertainment Weekly, Entertainment Tonight, and TVLine IGN through. We summarized the highlights of the new show.

Picard's home is in outer space, but not Starfleet (except for a flashback).

All promotional materials released before the SDCC put the future Jean-Luc Picard at home in his family winery, although Sir Patrick Stewart, contrary to the show at First Duty, made it clear that Picard was ready (via IGN ):

In the trailer, he says he's ready to settle in Chateau Picard's winery, but never felt at home. His home is somewhere else … space.

Stewart explained this to TVLine:

His dissatisfaction and unrest were present from the moment the camera rolled, and I hope the audience can see that he is not all right. Although Sir Patrick lives in a beautiful place and has a good job making great wine and working with two beautiful Romulans, this is not enough.

Sir Patrick gave an insight into Picard's backstory in conversation with ET:

Retirement is not retirement what he sought, not what he wanted. It was an impulsive act that brought him into this situation, and he has regretted it and lived it for years with some guilt. Here we record the show.

And although Picard desperately wanted to return to space, he made it clear that it was not the return to Starfleet (with one exception):

I made it strong I pointed out that I was not in uniform at all wanted to be, and I talked a lot about it. I just fooled myself by insisting I wear a uniform at the end of next week's work. That was my idea! It's a flashback, and for this to have the right context, I have to wear a uniform.

Picard is ready to leave the vineyard.

Darker than TNG, reflecting the past.

Patrick Stewart also contrasts how Picard differs from Star Trek: The Next Generation (via IGN):

The story has become more complicated, darker and more diverse than in the days of , Next Generation . The world has changed. And you know what? The world has changed and is now changing in a frightening way. And that's one of the things that touches this new series. I do not want to make out that it's a political show now, but they've always commented on the element of contemporary society, and we're doing that in this new show.

And although Picard plays after TNG, call it no sequel (via TVLine):

I do not see it as a continuation of [ Star Trek: The Next Generation ] This word does not resonate with me , I see it as part of the growth of the entire franchise. Not only have we committed it to the future, but we have carefully set it for 18 to 20 years for the future, because all of us who have been here before have aged the same way the show has aged. So let's get to the heart of all this process and the incidents and events and disasters of the last 18 to 20 years. So it's not a struggle to project yourself.

A "colorful" crew of "renegades"

The San Diego Comic-Con group unveiled the new cast for Picard. But Stewart knew his new crew was not like his old crew:

(via IGN): It's just one crew in a way. You must not consider it a crew like the Enterprise. We are not Starfleet. We are apostates, so to speak. We act independently … [Chris Rios] is the captain.

(via ET): On Monday [yesterday] we shoot a scene where Riker [Jonathan Frakes] says to me, "So, your new crew, how are they? ? "And I describe them as" colorful. "

Members of the cast also had the opportunity to give some brief descriptions of their characters, starting with Santiago Cabrera on Cristobal" Chris "Rios:

(via IGN): He has Quite rightly, this is a band of outsiders, we carry many demons, each in their own way.

(via EW): I play the pilot, Ex-Starfleet. Something happened to me in my past

Michelle Hurd on Raffi Musician

(about EW): I'm actually part of an unrelated past of Picard in the past, does that make sense?

[Stewart interjects: “We know each other, but it was a purely working relationship.”]

(via ET): My character is a bit broken She has some problems She's part of Picard's past

Isa Briones on Dahj:

(about EW): I'm playing Dahj is a young woman who has led her life as she has ever done a normal young woman would do, and then suddenly a big event happens in her life, and everything is turned upside down and she searches for answers from Picard.

Alison Pill on Dr. Agnes Jurati:

(via EW): I play a researcher and know some of the people here. We have different relationships and get into antics.

Evan Evagora on Elnor:

(via EW): I play a young, long-haired Romulan who is Jean-Luc's faithful and an expert in hand-crafted combat.

Harry Treadaway on Narek:

(about EW): I also play a Romulan who deals with people in this room.

Cristobal "Chris" Rios (Santiago Cabrera) and his crew in Picard

Data Victim is "central" to "Picard" … he returns in "another way".

One of the big surprises in the Picard SDCC trailer was the appearance of Brent Spiner's Data, which last sacrificed itself to the end of Star Trek Nemesis . Patrick Stewart talked to IGN about how that affected Picard and how it was woven into the show:

Jean-Luc bears a lot of guilt about the death of Data and sacrifices himself for the captain. It was a sudden and urgent decision that had taken Picard hard for all these years. And that will be one of the main motivators for what Jean-Luc is doing in this new series.

In conversation with TVLine, Brent Spiner clarified his two appearances in the trailer, both in disassembled form and at the end:

this drawer [as seen in the trailer] I think it's B-4 … data is indeed in the show … He is not in every episode. He does some gigs. But he is in the series in another way.

According to Spiner, this is B-4 in Picard

. Spiner spoke with IGN and gave a little more clues to Datas role in ] Picard :

I would say no [to Data’s evolution continuing]. I do not think he's evolving on this show … dates have died. He's on the show, but I do not want to give you the idea that this is any episode or set of episodes. But he is on the show. What you think can be, what happens is not what happens.

Brent Spiner as data in Picard

Hugh is a leader of Free Borg

Another recurring surprise at SDCC was Jonathan Del Arco who played Hugh, the Borg, the Picard and the crew had freed the Enterprise-D from the collective. While he did not appear in the pilot, there was a Borg cube. In the media interviews, Del Arco confirmed that Hugh's story stopped there, where she left off in the TNG episode "Descent, Part 2" and led a group of liberated Borg drones:

(via TVLine): I can confirm that I am still part Borg and that I am a developed human version of the last time I saw [Picard] where we were stranded on a planet and Lore was killed … as they leave the planet and I say: "What do we do now? We have no leader, "and Picard says," I do not think that's right. "The result is that I come to this colony of Borg in TNG and all I can say is that he has developed in his leadership qualities." (Via IGN): He is still a Borg – a part of Borg – and he always will be. I think if you want to describe an individual as someone who thinks freely, then yes, but he is still strangely collective minded. He cares so much for the people around him who have become a big part of his life. [Stewart interjects “including Borg”] Yes, including Borg, yes, without saying too much. I think he has evolved as a human.

Jonathan Del Arco, last seen as Hugh in TNG: "Descent, Part 2"

Expect more recurring characters, but no reunion on the Enterprise

Unfortunately, Jeri Ryan, who appeared in the panel, did not attend The media interviews after the panel participated, but she returns as Seven of Nine from Star Trek: Voyager . Also confirmed to be in Picard the TNG stars are Jonathan Frakes (Riker) and Marina Sirtis (Troi). Despite all these recurring TNG stars, Patrick Stewart made it clear to TVLine that Picard will not be a reunion show:

I wanted The Next Generation . It was discussed for hours, who [to bring back from TNG] and how long and with what participation they should work. I know our beloved fanbase would like to see the Enterprise crew again, but no, that will never happen. But there are encounters, some of which have been recorded, some of which are still in the planning phase. Hopefully we will have more than one season and there will be other possibilities. Apart from the main cast of The Next Generation there were other characters we met at other times and who may have reappeared.

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