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Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooting: Suspect Appears in Court


The man who was indicted in the Pittsburgh Synagogue massacre was released from a hospital and handed over to federal authorities on Monday. He was accused of killing eleven people, which is considered the deadliest attack on Jews in US history

Robert Gregory Bowers, 46, who was shot and injured in a gun battle with police, came less than US Marshals two hours after his release from the Allegheny General Hospital in federal court in downtown Pittsburgh. He was shot and injured on Saturday in a shootout with the police.

Bowers, wearing a blue sweatshirt and sitting in a wheelchair, spoke with attorneys before the judge entered the bank, went over documents and confirmed his identity to the judge. He accepted a court appointed defense attorney.

Federal Attorney's Office launched plans to demand the death sentence against Bowers, who expressed her hatred of Jews during the rampage and later told police "I only want to kill Jews" and "All these Jews must die."

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1 victims

On Tuesday, President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump will travel to Pennsylvania "to express the American people's support and mourn with the Pittsburgh community," said the White House Press Secretary, Sarah Sanders, during a press conference on Monday afternoon.

The first funeral – for Cecil Rosenthal and his younger brother David – was scheduled for Tuesday.

Survivors began Meanwhile he announced shattering reports of mass shooting Sunday in the Synagoge Tree of Life.

Barry Werber said he hid in a dark storage cupboard when the gunman ran through the building and opened the fire.

How to Help Victims of the Pittsburgh Synagogue Shoot

"I do not know why he thinks the Jews are responsible for all the evils in the world, but he is not the first and he will not be the last "Werber, 76, said Sunday. "Unfortunately, that's our burden, it breaks my heart." The weekend massacre – which took place ten days before the midterm elections – exacerbated tensions in the country and just a day after the arrest of the accused man from Florida came to send a wave of pipe bombs to critics of President Donald Trump

The bombings and The bloodshed in Pittsburgh sparked controversy over whether the caustic political rhetoric in Washington and beyond has contributed to the violence and whether Trump himself is responsible for it.

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The Attack spurred a series of fundraising efforts. A crowdfunding campaign called Muslims Unite for Pittsburgh Synagogue raised more than $ 90,000 for survivors and families, while a fundraiser led by a graduate student in Washington on Monday morning raised nearly $ 545,000 in donations to the community.

Bowers killed eight men and three women before a police tactical team tracked and shot him, authorities said. Six others were injured, including four officers.

Apparently he posted an anti-Semitic message in a social media account a few minutes before the killing spree. The Anti-Defamation League called it the USA's deadliest attack on Jews.

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It was not clear if Bowers had a lawyer speaking on his behalf. A message to the office of the federal defender in Pittsburgh was not returned.

Three parishes performed sabbath services in the synagogue when the attack just before 10 am in the tree-lined residential area of ​​Squirrel Hill took about 10 minutes from downtown Pittsburgh and the center of the city's Jewish community.

On Sunday at a Pittsburgh vigil, Tree of Life Rabbi Jeffrey Myers said over a dozen people had gathered in the main shrine when Bowers came in and started shooting. Seven of his parishioners were killed, he said.

"My holy place is polluted," he said.

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In the basement, four members of the New Light community have just begun. Www.mjfriendship.de/de/index.php?op…=view&id=167 Two others In the kitchen, praying as they heard crashes from above, peering out the door and seeing a corpse on the stairs, Werber recalled in an interview

Rabbi Jonathan Perlman closed the door and shoved it into a large pantry, he said , When shots rang up, Werber called the distress call, but he was afraid to speak for fear of making noise.

When the shots subsided, he said another parishioner, Melvin Wax, opened the door just to be shot [19659005] "There were three shots and he falls back into the room we were in," said Werber. "The shooter comes in."

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Apparently unable to see advertisers and the other parishioners in the dark, Bowers went out.

Werber called the sniper "a madman" and "a man who can not control his lower instincts"

The youngest of the 11 dead was 54, the oldest 97. The victims included a husband and a wife, professors

Bowers shot his victims with an AR-15 used in many nationwide mass shootings, and three handguns that lawfully belonged to him, according to a law enforcement official, and had a license to carry he was not allowed to discuss the investigation and spoke under the condition of anonymity.

Bowers was a long-distance trucker who worked for himself, said US Attorney Scott Brady. Little was known about the suspect, who had no trace of criminal history.

Bowers has been charged with 11 counts of criminal homicides, six serious assaults and 13 cases of ethnic intimidation. He was also charged in a 29-member federal criminal complaint involving the obstruction of religious beliefs that led to death – a federal hate crime – and the use of a firearm to commit a murder.

Of the six survivors, four remained in the hospital on Sunday night, and two – including a 40-year-old officer – were in critical condition.

In Chicago, hundreds of people from all walks of life gathered at a Federal Plaza vigil.

People lit candles at tribute to these 11 victims identified Sunday. The trees around the square were adorned with slogans that sent messages of love and hope. While religious leaders of all denominations on the stage called for unity.

The audience expressed sadness, but also fear and lamented the rise of anti-Semitism that has taken place nationwide in recent years [19659005] The vigil ended with the signature collection We Shall Overcome. Another meeting is scheduled for Monday night in a synagogue in Skokie.

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