Last year, Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL were some exceptional smartphones, but they did not end up without causing some controversy. A series of early criticisms centered on the displays that used these two phones, complaining about possible burn-in, undersaturated colors and a disturbing blue tint. While none of these issues were so severe as to worsen the chances of both models, Google still had to realize that the customers were upset, and we saw that it extended the manufacturers' warrants of both phones from one year to two. It took a long time, but now we also receive confirmation of an extension of the optional Preferred Care coverage.

When both Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL were originally offered for sale, the phones were covered by a One-Years Warranty. For additional coverage, you can purchase a Preferred Care Plan (managed through Assurant) for $ 1

29 that extends your protection to two years, while providing specialist assistance and accident coverage (with a device-based deductible). , In addition to mechanical errors.

But after Google changed that two-year warranty, what did that mean for Preferred Care? Sure, we still have the accident coverage, but was extended support for periodic dysfunctions meaningless now?

That seemed to be the case at the time, and we've confirmed Google Spokes accounts in online forums. But time seems to have prompted Assurant and Google to rethink things, and this week Pixel 2 and 2 XL users have received notifications from Preferred Care confirming that their plans have indeed been expanded.

Unfortunately, you do not get a full additional year of support. However, once the regular two-year Pixel Warranty has expired, your Preferred Care Plan will remain in effect for another six months. All in all, this means 30 months of protection for accidents and malfunctions. While we felt much better than Google initially extended the Pixel 2 warranty, we are still glad that this solution has finally arrived.