Google's pixels are known for their software quality, but they are also known to come into the market with random issues such as last year's Pixel 2 quality issues in video recording. The theme continues with this year's Pixel 3 phones, and the first problem critics have found that this is another microphone / audio problem with Google's latest flagship products.

The issue was first made known by YouTuber SuperSaf TV, whose video (embedded directly above it) highlights the difference in recorded audio quality compared to the iPhone Xs Max. Even the former Android police creator Jerome Ortega noticed the same quality difference on his smaller Pixel 3.

In short, the sound recorded in videos by pixels 3 and 3 XL sounds exceptionally tinny and distant. We have not confirmed that the problem is outside of the video (my own Pixel 3 has yet to come, so I can not look it up myself), but the examples we've seen from the video results alone are scant enough to be of concern to excite

I hope that Google can fix the last time with an update. We've asked Google for a comment on this story and will provide updates if necessary. At least external microphone support comes, right?