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Pixel 3 may have a memory management issue that kills background apps

Google's latest pixel series is not without its problems, and the more phones are coming into the hands of consumers, the more problems emerge. The latest controversy stems from Pixel 3's apparent inability to mix more than a few apps at the same time. In fact, it is obvious enough to take a picture to kill Spotify when playing music in the background, and in our own tests, cycling more than 3-4 apps can force some storage capacity. Perhaps 4GB of RAM was not enough for a flagship phone in 2018.

Before the phone was formally released, informal reports about common app / storage management issues began. Android Central's Daniel Bader noted that problems with music and podcast apps were in the midst of playback a complaint Marques Brownlee / MKBHD also noted and mentioned in his recent Pixel 3 XL report , Twitter Reddit and Android Police also comment on abuzz with similar complaints

Artem rides between apps on the Pixel 3 XL and OnePlus 6.

Artem by Android Police was able to put together a video comparing the performance between its own Pixel 3 XL and a OnePlus 6. In his tests, it only sufficed to switch between Chrome, Google+ and Twitter in order to displace Chrome on the pixel from the memory 3 XL, so that the app will be reloaded the next time it opens. Compared to Google's newest flagship, the OnePlus 6 has no problems and mixes more than twice as many apps without pushing Chrome out of memory.

This background app output could also be a potential cause for the reports from Pixel 3 not storing photos reliably – while other phones showed the same behavior, this obvious problem of memory management could potentially be a factor on the pixel Be 3.

We will find that # Artem & # 39; sLuck – is the passion of our boss To somehow draw the worst in a particular gadget – could be a contributing factor. Ryan Whitwam of Android Police did not have the same experience on his Pixel 3, which was demonstrated here in his own video. Reports about apps like Spotify that are no longer available on Pixel 3 are common, so we do not doubt that there is a real problem at some level, it's just a matter of degree.

While these issues seem to indicate a problem with memory management, it's not clear if they're an immediate result of Google's decision to go with 4GB of RAM – especially considering that most flagships will be in 2018 have gone with larger numbers On the Android version runs the Pixel 3. Hopefully, there is a problem that can be fixed by an update. After all, you can not just download more memory.

We asked Google for a comment and we will update this story if one is provided.

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