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Pixel 4 camera in 20x magnification

The camera has been the main focus of Google's pixel lineup since day one, and with Pixel 4 it's supposed to get even better. Recently, Google's design director shared a mysterious shot saying it was shot on a pixel 20x zoom, which might be a taste of what we get from the Pixel 4 camera.

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Google design director Claude Zellweger recently posted a post on the Instagram "Light and Shadow" article in Google Design Studio. The recording itself does not tell us anything, but a later comment by Zellweger in response to a colleague by Googler states that this was done on a 20x zoom pixel device.

We can automatically rule out that this is not the case. & # 39; No current pixel smartphone. The Pixel 3 is maximum at 10x zoom, and that's all digital. Even if it was Pixel 3, Google's Super Res zoom feature just can not render as much detail as we see in this shot.

This means it is very likely that Pixel 4 will be used to achieve this 20X magnification. Zoom shot, which gives us a first impression of what this camera is capable of. The quality of the picture itself is remarkably good as it is a 20x zoom. This suggests that Google is likely to use its software magic in combination with the 16 MP telephoto camera to provide a stunning zoom on Pixel 4. This is something that we have already mentioned several times in our weekly podcast Alphabet Scoop .

 Pixel 4 20x zoom instagram

Beyond what we see in this recording, which was first highlighted on the This Is Tech Today YouTube channel, it's not much else known What Google wants to use this telephoto lens for. As the October event nears, more leaks from Pixel 4 and even official teasers from Google are likely to occur.

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