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Pixel 4 Leak: 3 reasons why Google did this


The Pixel 4 – really!


In a rare step of a technology company Google confirmed the existence of Pixel 4 a few months before its likely release in October. The tech giant not only shared the news via its own Made By Google Twitter account, but also included a picture of the phone that is a square back camera with multiple rearview cameras. Judging from the responses to the tweet, many were amazed at the information ̵

1; not because of the phone itself, but because Google had decided to reveal the news at all.

Brushing the name of an upcoming device and painting an official picture as early as possible is unusual. In spite of numerous rumors, rendered images and leaked specifications, companies like Apple, Samsung and Google generally want to keep track of their product announcements until they hold official events such as Apple's developer conference and iPhone event in September, Samsung Unpacked and Google I / O Company has removed the wraps from its latest pixels 3A and pixels 3A XL . Google declined to comment, but we have some guesses about why Google made such a bizarre move.

Reason 1: It can be said that the iPhone 11 was not copied.

The most popular theory is that Google wanted this allegations of having copied Apple and its next iPhone. For some months, the upcoming iPhone 11 should also have a square camera shot. With iPhone expected to come out in September and pixel phones usually appear in October, it's easy to conclude that Google "copied" Apple's design. (Incidentally, the camera layout is not entirely unique – the Huawei Mate 20 Pro for example, also has such a design.) To avoid such talk, Google might have prematurely faded out the picture saying it had the design in mind long before the launch of the iPhone, knowing that Apple will keep up to date on all iPhone features by September.


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Reason 2: Pixel 4 may be released before October.

Four months is a pretty long time to test a product before its expected start date. Google may have released this information in June as the Pixel 4 may not debut in October. Maybe the phone will come sooner, like in September (to put it even closer in competition with the iPhone) or even in August. However, this would be a strange step, since the pixels 3A and 3A XL were announced in May and it would be a good idea for Google to pass between the announcements of the two phone series a certain time.


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Reason 3: Google does not care anymore!

When Google announced the Pixel 3 last year, it was pretty much one of the most leaked phones at that time . Most outlets already had a general idea of ​​what the phone would look like (Engadget unpacked the product three days before launch), and many of the rumored specifications turned out to be correct. Google even managed to make fun of before Pixel 3 hit the market (see below). The same applies to the pixel 3A. Because of all the leaks, people have heard that Google was working on a medium-sized version of the pixel, and we even saw its new violet color before Google I / O.

Because we live in such an era that it's so hard to disguise product announcements, Google may have just decided to just say "Screw it." If still photos were leaked from the Pixel 4 camera ( and it was ), the company might as well jump on it. At least it can then be one step ahead of the news and, to a certain extent, control whatever narrative techies invent. In any case, I welcome this energy and would not mind more information from Google.

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