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Pixel 4 teaser photo signals a whole new Google


Google's first official Pixel 4 photo.


Last week, Google has done something completely inappropriate: It officially teased the Pixel 4 the next version of its flagship mobile phone. We have some theories about why Google teased its fourth pixel – from the desire to come out first with a design decision, to the withdrawal of the stream from leaks – but I would like to propose yet another. With the confirmation of a square camera array on the back of Pixel 4 Google tells the world that it is ready against the iPhone, the Galaxy S10 and even the sleeper hit OnePlus 7 Pro to compete.

The Pixel 4 is the flagship of Google and is expected to appear in October, provided that Google follows the earlier launch patterns. The Pixel phones are the first to receive updates and usually appeal to Android purists. Despite Google's brand appeal, they have failed to attract the attention of shoppers at the same level as Samsung and Apple phones.

Google has admitted that pixel sales have decreased year by year . And while slow phone sales are downright an ailment Pixel's exclusivity agreement with Verizon certainly carries much of the blame leaving random observers with the impression that the pixels are there Available only through Verizon, not every mobile operator when ordered from the Google online store.

Particularly shocking in Pixels battle is the inability of Google to change its massive impact on search and software services from Gmail and Google Maps to Google Photos. to Google Assistant on every device and Google Drive, in a growing pixel sequence. The success of Google Home brand smart speakers, compared to Amazon's established Echo shows that Google can successfully get hardware up and running. So what went wrong with pixels?

Google and Apple have not responded to a request for comments.


In rare cases, Google starts on Apple's iPhone camera.

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Big out or going home

Google's pixel problem is courageous. Or rather its downside, timidity. Using Verizon as a carrier partner and word of mouth among Android enthusiasts was a lukewarm endeavor that could not stand the blatant advertising that Apple and Samsung used.

But the $ 400 Pixel 3A announced in May at Google's annual I / O conference is the key. The cheap pixel we always needed is sold in the Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile business. You can use it with AT & T and Google Fi when you buy the phone through Google's website. This additional carrier presence already strengthens awareness of the Pixel brand.

More important, however, is Google's advertising strategy, which sets the Pixel 3A against the iPhone X in a clear, assertive style reminiscent of Apple's own billboard ad.

Google brilliantly advertises its software capability over the iPhone X The Budget Pixel 3A captures brighter images in low-light conditions and has much better features, such as: Cards, as Apple's product.


Currently being played:

Pixel 4 photo published by Google


A bolder pixel 4?

Selling Pixel 4 in key quantities requires more than smart marketing and broader carrier support. Google also has to close product gaps if the future phone is to compete with the upper class.

With the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus and Apple's iPhone XS costing $ 1,000 each for the Pixel 4 not only has to offer the same screen, camera, and battery functions as these Phones, but also extras like wireless charging and a captivating design.

On the visual side, Google is playing it safe with a cookie-cutter design that does not deviate from the previous year and whose colors are so boring that the company can not decide on a color. The pixel 3 is not pink, it is not pink. The 3A is purple.


The purple pixel 3A looks purple in the right light. [19659003] Angela Lang / CNET

Pixel phones are usually sold for less than the iPhone and Galaxy S, but the price advantage of Google is also not certain. Although Pixel 3 cost $ 800 at its launch last year, it's still less expensive than the OnePlus 6 and the 6T of the same year, the less than the iPhone XS and the 2018 Galaxy S9 $ 530 or $ 550 began.

The OnePlus 7 Pro, which has the highest price ever for a OnePlus phone at $ 650, may still be a good deal for buyers looking for the cheapest Android phone. If Pixel 4 costs more than $ 800, T-Mobile buyers (who sell the OnePlus 7 Pro but an unlocked model will also work for AT & T) can still enjoy the Pixel 4. $ 200 more in your pocket $ 200 in your pocket, and it is likely that the price of the pixel will rise, especially with a fancier rear view camera in the game.

Google's pixel price has risen steadily year on year – the Pixel 3 costs 23% more than the original pixel in 2016 .

Since the Nexus, when Google experimented for the first time with "own" phones (made by other manufacturers), Google brand phones have a weird impact on the other technology giant's hardware and software products. Pixel phones have all the ingredients to sell millions, and have not done so yet. About 85% of the world's phones use Android. Google has search, map and language assistants, areas where the iPhone has problems. It is a well known and trusted brand.

Taking into account the enormous software base, no name in the technology can have more influence on the smartphone or the brand than Google. Maybe with the right combination of features and advertising, Pixel 4 will come close to a familiar name.

Published on June 17, 2019. Update, June 18 .

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