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Pixel Buds starts in more countries. Buy it? [Poll]

A few months after arriving in the United States, Google today finally launched Pixel Buds in other countries around the world. Are you buying a pair? Or did Google wait too long?

Rewinding the clock on May, Google at last Pixel Buds started, but it was a very limited start. Stocks dried up pretty quickly at all retailers, colors were limited to white, and perhaps most annoying was that they were only available to customers in the United States.

Now Google has expanded the availability of Pixel Buds to almost every country it serves. These include the UK, Canada, France, Australia, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Singapore and Spain. Japan in particular was left out.

For many users, buying Pixel Buds was just a matter of waiting for their debut in more countries. I am sure that for many of them, the long wait and lack of communication from Google may have triggered the purchase of other truly wireless earbud options. For others, it̵

7;s a matter of lack of color options, waiting for Google to fix problems, or just personal preferences. Regardless, we are curious about your thoughts. Vote in the poll below!

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