Google has worked hard to improve the health and safety of Android users, as well as to keep them focused on driving, with features like Digital Wellbeing. Now the company seems to be working on a feature that will help you if you get into an accident on the way, regardless of the cause. Under Android Q, some strings appeared that suggest that pixels automatically detect crashes.

XDA Developers' colleagues reviewed the latest Q Beta released on Google I / O and found a new app called "Safety Hub" to be exclusive to Pixel phones according to their manifest file , The team has thoroughly reviewed the unannounced product and found some evidence to suggest that it can auto-detect auto accidents with the appropriate "Car Crash Detection" feature. There are even two symbols representing accidents.

So far, it's not clear how exactly your phone detects a crash, as even a combination of accelerometer and microphone interrogation can trigger a series of false alarms. This feature may only work if your device is connected to a car that can detect accidents by itself. It's also unclear what happens when the app detects a crash, but it's likely that it can automatically contact first responders and custom emergency contacts.

If the company is accurate and fail-proof crash detection could mean a lead over competitors and cause more people to use on-the-go platforms like Android Auto or Assistant Driving Mode. And most of all, it could save many lives.