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Pizza Delivery Man Credit with Stopping Kidnapping After Ms Mouth Help me #: Cops

A pizza guy from Wisconsin was hailed as a hero after reporting the police to a vulnerable woman and preventing a possible abduction

Joey Grundl, 24, dropped a pizza in Waldo on September 27, saying he had one woman in distress noticed in the house.

"I could see a blue eye in her right eye, and then she pointed at it and formed the words to me," Help me, "and shortly afterwards, again," Call the police, "he told WDJT -TV.

Grundl went back to his car and called 911 to report what he had seen.

MPs with the Sheboygan County Sheriff's Office visited the house where they arrested Dean Hoffman because he allegedly attacked his ex-girlfriend and detained the woman against her will.

Hoffman is accused of entering his ex-apartment without knocking and slapping her face, according to a lawsuit filed by WDJT-TV

Then he allegedly tied her hands and feet, "she swung out of her vacuum cleaner along with a power cord," the complaint said.

After allegedly tying her, police said Hoffman had put a towel in his mouth. Girlfriend pushed and she was forced to scream no one would hear her.

The woman told the police that Hoffman had untied her before ordering pizza from Domino.

The woman said that she had asked Hoffman to let her go, but he allegedly said, "You know I can." "You do," she said. "She took the opportunity to ask the delivery man for help."

"I really expect nothing; I just show up and go somehow, "Grundl said of a usual pizza delivery man." Sometimes it's best to just pay attention to what's going on. You never know when someone is trying to give you a clue. "

Hoffman was charged with domestic violence in seven cases, including strangulation and kidnapping, and allegedly allowed the police to have a pistol in his car

He remained in custody at the Sheboygan County Sheriff's office on Tuesday, showing online records.

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