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Planet Jupiter: Spectacular image of the storms of Jupiter


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NASA / JPL-Caltech / SwRI / MSSS / Kevin M. Gill

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This beautiful image of Jupiter was compiled from three separate images by Nasas Juno The spacecraft made another narrow pass of the gas giant.

The probe has a color camera on board, and citizen scientists are encouraged to play with the data to make their own views about the planet.

is color enhanced and produced by Kevin M. Gill.

The US Space Agency has named it "Jupiter Marble" – a reference to the complete images of the Earth taken by satellites that have been called "Blue Marble" in recent years.

  • Juno snaps giant Jupiter polar storms
  • Jupiter Great Red Spot has deep roots

The Jupiter mosaic includes shots taken between 26,900 km and 95,400 km from the planet's cloud heads of the southern hemisphere and storms the famous Great Re d Spot.

This spectacular, hundreds of years old anticyclone is gradually revealing its secrets through the Juno mission.

The probe has already determined that its roots reach at least 350 km into the atmosphere.

Scientists hope that their various investigations reveal the key mechanisms that drove the stain and keep it from dissipating.

The Juno mission runs a raw data site that hobby processors can participate in.

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Artwork: Juno arrived at Jupiter in July 2016

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