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Players are already upset about the economy of Red Dead Online

Red Dead Online Beta was launched this week, and after the mega-successful GTA Online fans were finally able to play Rockstar's next major online game. The first impressions were overwhelmingly positive, but one aspect of the game, which is much under scrutiny, is the economy in the game. Are the prices too high? Is it too dirty? Is it fair for those who prefer not to spend real money on microtransactions in the game? It's too early to say so, but the economy of Red Dead Online feels unbalanced so far.

Fans have been worried about microtransactions before the launch of Red Dead Online . Some joked about "Wolf Cards," a reference to the splitting shark maps that can be purchased in GTA Online for real money. Some GTA players believe that Shark Cards are the reason that saw GTAO in-game prices for new content. These fears are not entirely unfounded: the evidence shows that prices for cars and other items have actually increased in the past five years in GTA Online .

Horse reviver costs $ 9.50 [Reduction Online] The Economy of GTA Online differs in some important respects. One of the first and most obvious differences is the prizes and rewards players receive. Many items in the shops cost a few dollars in the game or even less than a dollar, according to the economy of the old West, where a few dollars could go a long way. Many missions and activities only pay three or five dollars. In GTA Online the payouts and costs are in thousands and millions.

The other major difference is that Red Dead Online contains two currencies. Cash is the easiest to earn and is rewarded when you complete missions, play competitive modes, and sell animal skins or fish. The other currency is gold, which functions more like a premium currency found in games like Rainbow Six Siege (19459021). Gold bars are used in RDO for various purposes. Players can use bullion to buy special cosmetics, unlock certain items faster, or even reset their morality meter, which can be useful to players who always want to be a good cowpoke or a nasty cowpoke.

Gold will be available for purchase in the future as soon as Rockstar activates the in-game store, but we do not know what the gold packs will be and how they will be sold. In the current beta, players can earn gold nuggets by completing missions, finding treasures or playing online in PvP mode. If a player earns 100 nuggets, he receives a gold bar.

Obtaining gold bars is currently a problem. Reddit user UnavailableIDs has calculated that most players need about eight hours to get a bullion. Some items and weapon modifications in the game can only be bought with these gold bars and some are very expensive. For example, if you want to completely replace every piece of metal on the launching rifle, it costs 30 gold bars, which can take more than 200 hours. Another gold purchase is the horse insurance. While your first horse is insurable without gold, future horses will cost five gold bars for the insurance. If you insure yourself for a horse, it can heal for free and automatically when it dies. Otherwise uninsured horses have a low price and a waiting period of two minutes before being healed of death.

When used wisely, a top-notch currency can leave developers with the price for crazy, elaborate or unnecessary cosmetic items with these currencies, without disturbing the economy in the game too much. The lack of a premium currency on GTA Online is one of the reasons why things got more expensive. Everything the players did earned them the only currency in the game, making it easy for players to make their way to high-end products, buy or exploit. Theoretically, a premium currency can be a way to have special items that players have to pay for while having items that players can earn for free in the game. In Red Dead Online gold articles like horse insurance do not seem to be unnecessary cosmetics. They seem important to the game, and if you include them behind hard-to-reach gold bars, it feels like a bad way to introduce a premium currency.

A high-level fishing lure that players can buy early with gold.

Rockstar has indicated on its website that gold bars are used to unlock cosmetics such as decorations for your warehouse. But in the current RDO Beta, there are items that can be bought with gold, such as a fishing bait or some craft brochures. These items will not affect the competitive balance of a game or mission, but are more than just cosmetics. None of the items you unlock early are powerful weapons or unfair armor, but the ability to unlock material early in the game is worrying. If it is not properly balanced, this could lead to a situation where players willing to exchange money for gold could have an advantage over players who are not interested in microtransactions.

Fans are worried and are sharing memes and posts about Rockstar Gold Ingot in using Red Dead Online . The fear is that this will unbalance the game and force free players to grind for days just to get the gold needed to buy some of those items.

Cash and Gold rewards for 2nd place in a horse race

Apart from their anger over bullion in RDO players are also annoyed at the lack of high-paid missions, especially if they believe that many in-game items are too expensive. A particularly expensive object is the Mauser pistol, which cost $ 1,000 in the game. After about 15 hours, I only have $ 380. Missions and Deathmatches usually pay no more than five or ten dollars, many paying far less. Hunting and fishing only pay off when you climb higher and unlock better baits and rifles. The payouts for perfect furs and big fish, however, are only two to ten dollars. Players believe the economy of Red Dead Online is broken, fans on Reddit and GTA forums share their frustration. Some of what they share are funny, such as the fact that Red Dead Online costs a can of beans more than a golden wedding ring. "We make money like in 1899 and everything is as expensive as the year 2018," wrote a Reddit user. "Jesus Christ, if I wanted to deal with a crappy wage and cost of living relationship then I would leave my damn front door."

Money that is hard to come by is an even bigger problem as many secular activities require money. In RDO you must clean your weapons with gun oil, buy ammunition, feed your horses, and pay a fee to have a camp. These tasks require the purchase of things, and if you can not afford them you will be at a disadvantage, with a figure whose health is lower, a horse that can not walk so fast, and weapons that cause less damage. Some players feel like they have to make do with little money to survive.

Of course this is a beta; Things will surely change. If you've completed the few story missions that are currently available, you really only have alien missions, some deathmatch and racing variants, and some fishing and hunting. It's very likely that Rockstar will add raids, bounty hunts, poker and more in the future. These activities and events could pay off better. They could even pay out gold to fix the gold shortage. It's also possible that Rockstar will rebalance the economy, possibly lower prices or make it a bit easier to earn gold. Kotaku contacted Rockstar and asked about future gold prices and the Red Dead Online economy, but he did not hear in time for publication.

Right now, many Red Dead Online players think the game is a joke that's not much to do with. It's a similar feeling to which I myself belonged when GTA Online first appeared on the market. Veterans of this game will spend hours trying to be familiar with sanding missions like Violent Duct, just so they can buy an apartment. GTA Online finally added more ways to make money, but for many fans it was too expensive. Hopefully Red Dead Online can avoid this scenario.

Zack Zwiezen is a writer and lives in Kansas City, Missouri. He has written for Gamecritics, Killscreen and Entertainment Fuse.

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