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PlayStation exclusively shuts down servers for PS4 today

Today Sony Interactive Entertainment shuts down the servers of a once popular PS4 game that was disappointed by numerous delays and a variety of errors and performance issues at launch. More specifically, you can no longer play today Drive club or his two spin-off games, Drive Club Bikes, and Drive Club VRbecause the servers of all three are down. As you may recall, the three games were removed from PlayStation Store for sale in August, as the servers should go offline on the last day of March.

Since the servers are shut down forever, all online functions are out of date. This includes any online multiplayer mode, but you can still play the game’s offline single player mode if you already own the game. At the time of release, it is unclear whether Sony plans to return the game to the PlayStation Store at a greatly reduced price so that players can enjoy the game offline.

With the servers going offline, it is now impossible to get the Platinum Trophy because there are trophies associated with playing online, in fact some.

As you may already know Drive club was originally planned as a PS4 launch title. And it was one that many were looking forward to. But that didn̵

7;t happen. The game wasn’t released until October 2014, and despite the delay, it was a mess at launch. Not only did it suffer from a variety of performance problems, it was also very buggy and in some ways incomplete. To make matters worse, the repair took a while. And that’s a shame because after all the fixes were made, it turned out that the game was a pretty competent racing simulation. In fact, many claim it is one of the most underrated games of the generation.

What made the situation even more tragic was that the studio that did it, Evolution Studios, was killed. Shortly after the fiasco, Sony closed the British studio and left around 60 employees out of work.

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