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PlayStation Store Sale allows you to get PS Plus – Game Rant

Typically, an annual subscription to PlayStation Plus costs US $ 60, the price of a brand new Triple A video game. This can be a lot of money for some, especially for those who prefer to spend that money on games. For PS4, however, PS Plus is required to play online games. In combination with the various other perks and bonuses, it is therefore necessary to have the best possible gaming experience on PlayStation. Fortunately, PS Plus is sometimes discounted, giving PlayStation fans the opportunity to purchase a subscription at a fraction of the cost.

These offerings are usually offered on Black Friday or through a third-party retailer, but the PlayStation Store is currently hosting its own PS Plus deal. As of March 26, PlayStation owners can renew their subscription for $ 45 instead of $ 60 as part of the PlayStation Store's Great Indoors sale event. The PS Plus subscriptions are stacked, so even those whose membership is not yet full can renew the 25% discount.

Subscribing to PS Plus brings a number of benefits. As mentioned earlier, a PS Plus subscription means that PS4 owners can play online games, but also download free games monthly. The March 2019 free spins are pretty heavy hitter in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered and the critically acclaimed The Witness puzzle, so a PS Plus subscription pays off too long.


Another benefit for PS Plus subscribers are discounts. Often, as with the Great Indoors offer, PS Plus subscribers can purchase discounted games even cheaper than those who have not subscribed to the service. Those who play a lot of games during the sale should do the calculations and see if they could save money in the long run as a PS Plus subscriber.

25% off a pretty good price on PlayStation Plus, but there were times when the subscription was even cheaper. PS4 owners should look out for PS Plus offerings all year round, as they are likely to have several ways to cheaply renew their subscriptions.

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