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Pleasant holiday weekend with more spring snow

  Pleasant holiday weekend with more spring snow 69 news

ALLENTOWN, Pa. – HEADLINE: A breezy but dry and quite pleasant Easter Sunday awaits

SUB-HEADLINE: Rising snow awaits late sun. Night – Mon. AM

TONIGHT: Breezy with increasing amounts of clouds. An insulated shower is possible late. Low: 41

SUNDAY: Airy with clouds breaking for some sun until late morning. Altitude: 57

SUNDAY NIGHT: It gets cloudy with snow coming late. A certain rain could be mixed at first. Low: 31

What a great start to our Easter holiday weekend and a great last day of March! The weather on Saturday was a perfect picture after all the gloomy skies we had spent the last few days with. It is hard to believe that we will collect snow late at night from Sunday to Monday … not an April Fool's joke  but our weather pattern remains overall in a cool and troubled weather that is unlikely to change until mid-April. Nevertheless, today we have seen a lot of clear sky thanks to the high pressure off the lower mid-Atlantic coast. The morning started a bit cool with lows in the low 30s, but with a southern wind component today, our afternoon highs climbed to nearly 60 degrees in the early '50s for many. The south breeze occasionally blew a little over 20 miles an hour.

The clouds will increase in the late evening as a weak cold front moves in from the west. With a light breeze that stays overnight thanks to the frontal passage, the low temperatures will not drop to very cool temperatures. We can expect that many will not go below 40 degrees overnight. The cold frontal passage may trigger an isolated shower, but many of us should stay dry. The cold front will be pulling early on Easter Sunday in our east and offshore, and while an insulated shower at sunrise is possible, we should be mostly dry to start the day, but mostly cloudy. Finally, you should look for clouds that emanate with a fairly sunny sky until the afternoon. Winds from the northwest could occasionally blow over 20 miles per hour, but we expect the high temperatures to still rise to the mid-50s … quite suitable for this season.

It gets interesting late on Sunday night until Monday morning. The above-mentioned cold front leading through the track will stop in our south and provide a railway line for a low pressure wave. This gravure system will move in from the west and glide along the stalled front, moving first off the Mid-Atlantic coast south of the Mason-Dixon line on Monday morning. While this system is not developed like the coastal storms that we saw during the month of March, it is likely to bring a quick burst of accumulated wet snow into the area as we commute to Monday mornings. The snow is expected to arrive after midnight Sunday night and commute through Monday morning, probably until late morning or midday on Monday. It could start as rain or a mixture, but it will switch to all snow for most of the region. It is expected that much of the south of New Jersey will rain in much of Delaware with this system, with little or no snow accumulation expected there. Overall, much of the area can expect 2 to 4 inches of snow with locally higher possible amounts. However, if you drive into the Delaware Valley and point south and east, you will only expect a coating of maybe 2 inches, thanks to warmer temperatures and more rain causing melting. The northern parts of the Poconos can only count on a 2 inch coating as they will see lighter snow on the northern edges of the storm system. While the main traffic lanes will remain wet during this storm, the fact that it will happen overnight, and also the fact that some larger snowfalls may occur, there may still be some accumulation on these main roads. Backcountry and back roads certainly have a higher chance of getting slippery. However, most of the accumulation is likely to occur on grass and on raised surfaces.

If we arrive until Monday afternoon, the low pressure will shift away from the coast to the sea as high pressure sets in from the west. This allows the sun to come out and the temperatures rise to the upper 40s, which causes our snow to melt very quickly. It will be almost as fast as it arrived.

Tuesday is expected to be a bit rainy with a modest downturn in the low 50s, but still below the April average. Wednesday is likely to be the warmest day of the working week, with temperatures rising to about 60 degrees as a warm front approaches our northern and cold front. A southwesterly windstream in front of this cold front will help bring in the milder air. This front also brings some rain with it. The cold front passes late Wednesday, and it seems that the cool pattern with the potential for rain and snow that developed in March will not pick up in mid-April, as next week and the following week, more threats will pop up] Have you a wonderful Easter and Passover weekend!

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