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Please do not use an intelligent answer in Hangouts chat

Image: Gizmodo (Google)

There are two different types of people on the workplace communication platforms: those who laboriously deal with every typed letter in a show of ultimate professionalism, and those who tap giving up, slam the keys with their clumsy sausage fingers to convey what they are trying to communicate before proceeding, punctuation and grammar are damned.

I did not come here to discuss which of these communication methods is better. But please do not subject your colleagues to the banality of intelligent response in Hangouts Chat.

Google announced this week it would soon introduce Smart Reply to Hangouts Chat – not to be confused with Hangouts even though they would apologize Any confusion – a feature that is charged like intelligent answers in Gmail is one possibility To optimize your workflow. As with Gmail, Smart Reply for Hangouts Chat offers three (probably bad) answers to the requests or insights of the living, breathing people on the other side of your screen.

This is not the case.

Listen, at some level I understand why this feature can be appealing. It is true that everything is exhausting all the time and this is for an eternity. Someone who strives for the absolute minimum at all times, except for possibly heavy machinery, would be forgiven.

But readers, no one wants to start the old communication channel of the workplace just to be greeted by a feed of emotionless robots. We're already expected to express ourselves in our inboxes with this kind of formula language. We should not have to tolerate it in our digital water cooling rooms.

Because we are all essentially just selling the time before our safe demise, our workplace chat rooms should remain a joy, even if they are so small.

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