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Pocket Camp brings Animal Crossing: New Horizons up to date

Animal crossing: new horizons The world undoubtedly conquered the world in early 2020, but a different iteration of the life simulator has recently illuminated my social media feeds. Mobile spin-off Animal Crossing: pocket storage blew up with the Nintendo Switch game – and this extra visibility helped highlight the many ways that New Horizons falls too short.

Perhaps, given this, this is an unfair comparison Pocket storage has had more than two years to establish and expand. Let us remember that when it came out, many people were amazed by the grumpy experience of Animal Crossing Pocket storage provided, and the way it appeared to be built for microtransactions.

Players who are still having fun Pocket storage Tell Polygon that these aspects didn̵

7;t change completely in 2020. However, this is also offset by the fact that the mobile game brings its A-Game to the table.

Furniture sets and decorations are cute in a way that me as New Horizons Player who is supposed to get a “premium” experience, very jealous. This envy is fueled in part by the knowledge that Pocket storage tries more to integrate these objects into his world. New HorizonsIn contrast, it feels like a more static experience.

“You can put tea cups and an entire theme park[inthe[in[im[inNew Horizons]]But how, it will never … have an impact on the villagers, ”says the content creator (and my personal buddy). luulubuu.

Pocket storage made the objects have certain animations and purposes, ”she continued, noting that in one of her favorite sequences, villagers dance to gyroids – characters that are barely there New Horizons.

New Horizons also has some great animations. I love watching my villagers take zoomies or pull out a phone to take a photo. From time to time you will also spot villagers with an item that you have put around, which is always a joy. But these are not the only ones New Horizons Interactions sparse, they feel light when we compare them to a normal scene Pocket storage, As you will see in the videos below. Pocket storage offers unique animations and interactions for almost everything you can place on the map.

“When you start New HorizonsYou have a memory limit of 80 elements, which you can gradually expand to 1,600 elements, “says Laura Hudson, editor and former colleague,” although this will likely take dozens of hours and millions of bells.Pocket storageFor comparison: start with a larger memory and expand it to up to 3,000 memory spaces.

The large repertoire of items has been specifically designed to trick you into spending money that usually sounds dodgy except Pocket storage Designers make sure that the sets are worthwhile.

“Novelty is expected and new content is common,” said Hudson, who recently spent a few dollars Pocket storage for a loft design studio, says Polygon.

“I don’t get angry about it at all, I don’t mind paying a subscription or losing a few dollars on a one-time purchase for things that keep the game going,” she continues.

Where New Horizons slowly distributes new functions and items, Pocket storage gives you more freedom to do exactly what you want, when you want it – because you’ve probably bought a set that has something in mind instead of relying on the gods of chance.

Pocket storage Decorating your campsite or cabin feels like a playground where you are more limited by your imagination than anything else, ”says Hudson.

The thing to note is that unlike New Horizons, you don’t live in these scenes. You set these scenarios specifically for the enjoyment of your villagers. If you do just that, you get impressive screenshots and GIFs. Technically, you can do more New Horizons, especially with the introduction of features like terraforming.

On the other hand, as someone who has invested hundreds of hours now New HorizonsMy goal is to create spaces that are cool enough to want someone to be there. I often decorate with a view of my villagers, only to be disappointed by their general lack of interest in what surrounds them.

Pocket storage is generally in a great place right now, ”says Philippa Warr, a player who has enjoyed the mobile game since it started. Warr tells Polygon that the camping game contains “exquisite” foods, including a matcha treat where the foam looks like Isabelle’s head. Pocket storage You can also do more with the items it contains – for example, you can put a rug outside, a little detail that is painfully missing New Horizons.

All of this is true, but Warr notes that this is not just the case Pocket storage had time to bloom New HorizonsThe popularity may have caused gamers to run through the content faster than Nintendo intended. Something New Horizons Players tell Polygon that they have played the life simulation less often, from daily marathons to checking in only once a day for about 30 minutes if that is the case. Some fans skip days in total. Recent events like the stamp rally in the museum were not good enough to hold the event New Horizons Flame goes.

But still Pocket storage deserves props for what it does right. For example, Laura Hudson notes that during New Horizons Players spend a lot of time defending themselves against the mechanics of random villagers. Pocket storage gives you more control over who stays at your campsite.

“In the Pocket storageYou need to improve them a little before you can call them to stay with you, but ultimately you can curate a homestead of your best and sweetest friends while in New Horizons It’s just the luck of the draw that shows up, ”she says.

Pocket storage Players can also pay for a subscription that not only gives you loot and automates parts of the game for you, but also helps curate the game’s population. The ongoing fee – which is cheaper than an Amiibo, especially the ones in demand – allows me to choose my favorite villager (Chevre) to follow and help me collect resources that create a sense of personal relationship rather than the opposite of “neighbors.” that I might like or hate, “says Hudson.

In time, it is likely that New Horizons will grow to match more of what Pocket storage offers. The upcoming wedding event already promises a new series of wedding-themed decorations that fans can use to build scenes in love. In addition to the expected seasonal changes, there are likely to be other events that have not yet been announced.

“I don’t want the games to have identical object libraries,” Warr says. But maybe, she thinks, the games will inspire each other to be more ambitious. “New Horizons was good for Pocket storage because I definitely feel like it Pocket storage has improved his item game to arouse the interest of the players. “

Animal crossing: new horizons is, according to our assessment, “an urgently needed escape above all”.

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