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Pocket Casts v7.0 brings a tremendous overhaul of the design and new features

Pocket Casts is one of the most popular podcasting applications for Android, if not the most popular, and the company has just announced a major overhaul of its Android and iOS applications. We'll focus on the Android page, even though the changes are almost identical. This revision is included in version 7 of the application, if you have wondered, and the look of the application is completely changed. This is the first thing you will notice after the upgrade. However, this update offers much more than just design. The company has introduced some new features and changes with this update. The company claims that this update "greatly enhances the listening experience."

The company has listed all the changes that come with this update, and the first change is Improved Discovery. The company says that a new treatment for people and algorithms gives great recommendations to Pocket Casts users, making it easier for them to discover new podcasts they can hear. Episode Search is the second feature added to the mix. This feature allows you to search for a particular episode in any podcast series you want, and of course makes finding it much easier. "Play without Subscription" is the third feature added, and this is actually one of the most requested features. Previously, you had to subscribe to a show (just click the button to follow the show) to watch and play the episodes. Well, that is not the case anymore. You can both browse and play episodes

"Up Next Syning" has also been added, and this feature ensures that lists and progress are seamlessly synchronized across platforms, the company said. The company has also introduced "filters", which are much more powerful organizational tools that you can use to organize your favorite shows and even create playlists. Pocket Casts has also been enhanced with "New Web Player," as the company claims that it looks far more modern than the old one, with some new features. In addition, the company claims that "dozens of quality of life enhancements" have been added, including new archiving features, streaming playback effects, listening history and so on. Needless to say, this update is already available for Android and iOS. However, keep in mind that, like any other app, the Play Store is a staggered rollout. Therefore, it may take a few days for you to receive the update. [1

9659002] Background: Pocket Casts is an Android podcasting application, a paid app that was created as early as 2010. Pocket Casts is one of the most popular podcasting apps, and the company claims that its listeners participate on average more than in the industry, almost 7 hours a week. 50 percent of the users come back every day. Pocket Casts has over 500,000 podcasts that listeners can actually enjoy. Pocket Casts was acquired a few months ago by leading podcast publishers including NPR, WNYC Studio and WBEZ / This American Life. If you did not know, this update will be released just months after the software was purchased

Impact: This update brings many new features to Pocket Casts users, and it looks right clean, though it has moved away from the company's red and white color scheme, the app has graced so far. Some users may miss this or do not like this new design, it's all a matter of preference, but it's hard to deny that the new features will be very useful as we look at some improvements the app has received. If you would like to download this application or to see if an update is available for your device, a link has been added below with a gallery of official images for the Pocket Casts v7.0 update.

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