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Pokemon Go adds Shiny Slakoth for the Community Day

As expected, Pokemon Go added the shiny version of Slakoth for the June Community Day. Today Pokemon Go hosts its monthly Community Day, a three-hour celebration focused on a particular Pokemon. The Pokemon introduced this month is Slakoth, meaning that the Normal type Pokemon appears in large numbers during the event. In addition to the opportunity to catch dozens of Slakoth, players in Australia, Asia and Europe have confirmed that Slakoth's shining variant was added to the game as part of the event.

Glossy Pokémon are Pokémon with different color patterns than their normal non-shiny counterparts and are usually quite rare. In Slakoth, the Shiny variant has a characteristic pink coat. Even though players usually only have a 1

in 400 chance of striking a shiny Pokémon, Community Day events also offer increased spawn rates for the shiny version of their featured Pokémon. That means you have the best chance of securing a Shiny Slakoth today.

There's no guaranteed "trick" to find a Shiny Slakoth, but players will be lucky if they head into a dense-bred area with lots of poke stops. These areas will be full of Slakoth during the event, meaning that players have more chances to find a Shiny Slakoth. If you need extra spawns, lure these poke stops that trigger even more slakoth spawns for the event.

Each egg placed in an incubator during the Community Day also has a reduced hatch spacing, and every erase that is developed during Community Day knows the Body Slam attack move.

Pokemon The Community Day of Go takes place from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm local time.


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