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Pokemon Go Dev launches new game, Ingress Prime

Niantic, the studio behind Pokemon Go, has released a new sci-fi AR mobile game called Ingress Prime. The title is available for free download on iOS and Android devices and builds on the original ingress with "state-of-the-art location-based technology" and "a completely new interactive story".

As in Pokemon Go, Ingress Prime players go to places in the real world, but instead of searching for monsters that you must catch and take over the gyms, you will take in portals and collect a resource called Exotic Matter or XM is known. Two martial sites known as The Enlightened and The Resistance compete for control of these portals. Once the players complete the training segment of the game, they must choose a faction.

According to Niantic, the story in Ingress Prime will evolve based on the results of the game's real anomaly events where players from both factions work together "to spend a weekend of contests, explorations and celebrations". Niantic plans to host 1

2 "big" primary disaster events around the world on November 17, starting with one in selected cities.

To commemorate the launch of Ingress Prime, Pokemon Go players have a chance to catch two special Pokémon right now. For a limited time, Cubone and Ponyta spawn in much greater numbers than usual, and you can even spot brilliant variations. Pokemon Go players also receive free Ingress Prime clothing for their avatar.

Niantic has just released a new update to Pokemon Go, which will bring most players the recently announced Adventure Sync release. The new feature allows the game to track the distance traveled, even when it's not opening, greatly simplifying egg incubation. Pokemon Go's next Community Day will take place on Saturday, November 10th and will feature one of Gold and Silver's Starter Pokemon, Cyndaquil.

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