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Pokemon Go Developers are actively working on "Gen 4" Pokemon and PvP

A fortuitous flight turned into a booklet with information about upcoming plans for Pokemon Go .

Yesterday a Twitter The user nicknamed "Doctor PoGo" wrote about a chance encounter he had with Niantic CEO John Hanke on a plane. Doctor PoGo posted both a photo and a video proof that he was sitting next to Hanke and then summed up a long conversation he had during the flight to the YouTube personality "Lapel".

Hanke told the Twitter user that Pokemon Go developers worked on several major features for the game, including "Gen 4" Pokemon, player vs. player battles and something to make the card more friendly to those looking for raids in their area. Hanke and other Niantic employees have long promised PvP, but Hanke has at least confirmed that there are plans to bring this coveted feature into play.

As for a new generation of Pokémon, this is not really a surprise, as Pokemon Go still has over 400 Pokémon left to add to the game. However, this could mean that we are getting the next wave of Pokemon rather than later. Some players have hypothesized that we might see Gen 4 Pokemon in late summer / early autumn 201

8, which seems possible if Pokemon Go developers are working to add it to the game now.

The card overhaul is unexpected but welcome news as Pokemon Go uses raids as the primary means of spreading legendary Pokémon. While it's easy to find random raid parties in dense urban cities, finding them in the suburbs or rural areas is a little harder.

Other new features / developments mentioned during the conversation include an increase in the level cap of the player (currently at level 40), a possibility for PokeStops locations to add them to the game (a not surprising development considering of the code for that) Recently, a feature was added to Pokemon Go in a recent update, and Niantic planned another Pokemon Go Fest for next year. Statements from other Niantic employees have suggested that this year's Pokemon Go Fest will take place in Dortmund.

Hanke also noted that Pokemon Go was still dedicated to spamming the spoofing, a common means of fraud in the game.

Here are Reversals full Twitter comments on the conversation:

What do you think? Does this sound like the beginning of an exciting summer for Pokemon Go players? Let us know in the comment section!

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