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¯abka opened 500 stores in 2020 and another 500 by the end of the year. Artificial intelligence helps

¯abka will develop intensely in different directions. The chain is introducing new formats into its stores. He’s been working with Uber Eats for a while now, offering their products as delivery. The first branches of the chain also have post office machines that you can use to collect parcels. It is possible that Żabka will soon open its first dark store. However, the chain not only invests in innovations, but also in new business.

Żabka has already opened 500 stores this year, and another 500 are on the way

It recently opened in Szczecin at the Rondo Hakena Park Żabka shopping center and was the chain’s 6.5 thousandth store. 500 of these stores opened in 2020 alone. Surprisingly, however, the chain plans to open another 500 stores by the end of December.

The pandemic has not stopped us on the way to further dynamic development. From January this year. We have opened half a thousand branches and we intend to open another 500 branches across Poland by the end of 2020. Interest in our business model only grew in July of this year. Over 1

80 new franchisees have joined our network and, given the potential of the convenience format, would like to operate the Żabka store

– says Tomasz Suchański, CEO of Żabka Polska.

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Żabka uses artificial intelligence to open business

As we learn from the announcement, the location of the nearest stores is very important to Żabka. So much so that the research on the subject is done a few months in advance. Interestingly, when searching for new locations, Żabka uses artificial intelligence algorithms that, after processing a large amount of data, show the sales potential of a particular location.

Thanks to this tool, among other things, it is possible to place stores close together while maintaining their profitability. The chain boasts that 12 million consumers already live no more than 300 meters from the nearest Żabka.

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